A Guide to Safely Running Fasting While Young Pregnant

A Guide to Safely Running Fasting While Young Pregnant

A Guide to Safely Running Fasting While Young Pregnant


A Guide to Safely Running Fasting While Young Pregnant

Fasting when you are young, can it be done? This all depends on your condition and the fetus. It might not be a problem for some people, but for others it might pose a risk. If you are fasting when you are young, you should still meet your important nutritional needs and the fetus.

Can you fast while you are pregnant?

Having fasting or not is an option for pregnant women. The ability of every pregnant woman to practice fasting can vary. This depends on the overall health condition, the stage of your pregnancy, and how your pregnancy progresses.

Fasting during pregnancy may be a little risky for you. When you are pregnant, your body needs a lot of nutrients to support the development and growth of your baby in the womb. Young pregnancy is the stage where your pregnancy is in need of a lot of important nutrients. So, running fasting at this time might increase your risk of having a low birth weight baby. In addition, dehydration due to fasting can also reduce kidney function and the amount of fluid that surrounds your baby.

However, not a few studies have reported that fasting during pregnancy does not affect the health of your pregnancy and your baby. As in a study published in the Iranian Journal of Pediatrics in 2010 which states that pregnant women who fast with proper nutritional intake do not have an impact on their baby's growth and the time of the baby's birth.

So, fasting when you are young or not is all back to you. If you feel healthy and strong, you can fast by noting that you and your baby's nutritional needs can be fulfilled well. This is important to prevent the possibility of your baby being born with LBW, premature, and other bad possibilities.

Tips for running fast during young pregnancy

Running fasting during pregnancy is not an easy thing. Even though you are fasting, you must keep maintaining your nutritional needs every day. This is for your health and for your baby in the womb. Remember, your nutritional needs increase during pregnancy. So you have to eat more while fasting. The following are tips so that you still meet your nutritional needs while fasting.

1. Drink plenty of water

Make sure you drink plenty of water when breaking the fast and sahur. You need to drink at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters per day. This is important so that you avoid dehydration while fasting. If you feel very thirsty, weak, dizzy, and want to faint in the middle of your fast, you should cancel your fasting to prevent possible bad things from happening. Avoid drinking caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee, and soft drinks because these drinks encourage more lost fluid from your body.

2. Eat nutritious food

Make sure you consume a variety of foods, so that the needs of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are well fulfilled. You are advised to consume vegetables and fruits as much as 5 servings per day to be able to meet your vitamin and mineral needs. Also make sure you eat foods that are sources of folate, iron, vitamin A, and calcium, which can be obtained from green vegetables, meat and milk. You need to fulfill these nutrients in the early days of your pregnancy.

Avoid consuming foods with high sugar levels but zero nutrients. This food will only make you full but does not contribute much nutrition to you. At least you need to eat 4-5 times when you open until dawn so that your nutritional needs are met.

3. Enough rest

So that you don't get tired and to save the energy you use when fasting, you should increase your rest time. You need to take a few hours of napping so you don't feel weak during fasting. In addition, reduce heavy activity and exercise during fasting, and reduce outdoor activities if the weather is hot so you are stronger in fasting.

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