9 Tricks for Weight Loss for those of you who like to eat a lot

9 Tricks for Weight Loss for those of you who like to eat a lot

9 Tricks for Weight Loss for those of you who like to eat a lot


For people who have a big appetite, trying to lose weight certainly feels difficult. Humans are unique, usually getting restricted is even more wanted. The same is true for limiting your daily meals. As a result the diet continues to fail. Well, if you want your diet to succeed, first try a variety of ways to lose this creative weight. Reducing the portion of food becomes easier and you also have the spirit of living a healthy lifestyle.

1. Smoked rice, mouthful of water

If you usually drink a full glass of water after eating, now you have to use another method. Prepare a glass of water beside you while eating. After bribing and swallowing a spoonful of food, complete with a sip of water. Repeat until your food runs out. In this way, you can measure when your stomach is full. While if you eat a lot of fresh drinking water in a glass, the stomach is already burning feels bloated and bloated.

2. Eat smaller plates

Actually you don't need food with portions like college kids, which are mountains and mountains of piles. So as not to get confused and take too much food, make it a habit to use smaller plates than usual. You can also measure portions of rice, vegetables and fewer side dishes.

3. Don't eat while playing cellphones or watching television

Here is a diet mistake that many people do. So you can reduce the portion of food during a diet, focus on your food and digestive system. If you feel full, stop. Whereas if you eat while playing cellphones or watching television, you don't realize that you have eaten mostly.

4. Seal your plate into several parts

How have you arranged dinner plates so far? Do you take rice as big as a plate, then stack it with vegetables and side dishes? It's time for you to leave this method. Plates are three parts, namely carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Make sure the vegetable parts and protein are bigger than carbohydrates. With this division, you can more easily control and adjust the ideal meal portions.

5. Eat using your left hand

This method of losing weight is rather challenging. If the hand you are using everyday is your right hand, try eating using your left hand. Vice versa if your dominant hand is your left hand. This trick will make you eat more slowly. Eating slowly can help the brain receive signals from the stomach if the body has the nutrients it needs.

6. Eat using chopsticks or forks

Similar to how you lose weight by eating using your left hand, eating with chopsticks or forks can also make you eat more slowly. This trick is also useful so you don't spoon too much fatty seasoning or sauce, such as coconut milk sauce.

7. Eat regularly

Don't accidentally skip meals for fear of being fat. What you have instead is eating an excessive portion to pay for "debt" not eating this afternoon or morning. Did you know, one way to lose effective weight is to eat more often? However, make sure you eat regularly and the portions remain reasonable.

8. Keep the cutlery on the plate while you are chewing food

Many people are used to spooning food while chewing. This habit makes you eat quickly and do not realize when the stomach is full. For that, try putting a spoon and fork every time. You can spoon food again after the food has been swallowed.

9. Don't eat snacks directly from the wrapper

Snacking on a diet is actually not prohibited, but the key is to control portions. Instead of eating potato chips or peanuts directly from a large wrapper, move your snack to small containers. Likewise with yogurt or pudding. You can snack without fear of a failed diet.

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