9 Tips for Maintaining a Diet When on Vacation

9 Tips for Maintaining a Diet When on Vacation

9 Tips for Maintaining a Diet When on Vacation


9 Tips for Maintaining a Diet When on Vacation

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Holidays are a time when we are free from various patterns of activity, so don't be surprised if there are frequent changes in habits during vacation time, one of which is diet. In addition to not eating foods that we normally consume at home, food while on vacation at tourist sites usually has a larger portion and contains more fat, salt, and cholesterol. Without realizing it, this can change the diet that we have guarded before, and can increase weight after vacation.

Even so, it does not mean we cannot enjoy traveling time without maintaining a healthy diet. Here are some ways you can do to enjoy while on vacation without increasing excess weight:

1. Plan your vacation carefully

Find out about lodging, time, and distance then adjust to your dietary needs. Plan a place to eat that you will visit while traveling or when you arrive at a vacation spot. If the trip takes a long time, provide enough food and enough drinking water to prevent excessive hunger and dehydration.

2. Avoid skipping meals

Even though your vacation destination requires a long travel time, take the time to eat food. Eating regularly is still needed because going on vacation still requires energy. In addition, fatigue and excessive hunger can trigger unhealthy eating patterns during the holidays.

3. Eat at the restaurant once a day

Bringing food for a healthy breakfast like whole wheat bread and oatmeal helps save money and maintain calorie consumption while on vacation. Consumption that is rich in protein and fiber is needed to maintain energy and keep the desire to eat while on vacation. In addition, you can also buy easy-to-eat fruit to complete the meal menu and substitute snacks.

4. Reduce consumption of caffeine

Keep in mind that caffeine from coffee or energy drinks is not equivalent to the energy obtained from food and adequate rest. The body still needs calories and rest to keep the metabolism functioning properly. In addition, you will still feel tired after the effects of caffeine no longer affect the body.

5. Avoid consuming calories from drinks

In general, various foods at tourist sites have high enough calories, so you no longer need excess calories from drinks. To reduce it, choose a variety of drinks such as mineral water or various drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, and sugarless sodas. In addition, avoid alcohol consumption because it contains around 150-450 calories or can meet the 25% daily calorie adequacy limit.

6. Reduce portions in one meal

Missing the opportunity to taste a variety of culinary in a tourist place is a pity to miss. One way to get around this is to reduce food portions by bringing a portion of food to eat at an inn or share with friends or family.

7. Choose a healthy menu

When eating food from a restaurant, you may have difficulty with the type of food to eat. But to minimize this, choose a food menu with healthier processing methods such as roasting or boiling and avoid consuming too much fried food. Besides consuming vegetables as often as possible when you are on vacation.

8. Actively moving while on vacation

Maybe this is rarely thought of while on vacation, but actively moving you will feel more energized on vacation and can balance high-calorie consumption during the holidays. Physical activity during vacation can be done by walking more, especially in the morning. Bringing sports equipment that is easy to carry such as running shoes will make you more comfortable to explore tourist attractions on foot.

9. Sufficient resting needs

Sleep time is the main thing in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially in managing your diet. Lack of energy due to drowsiness causes you to enjoy less vacation time and trigger more food consumption. Enough for physical and nutritional activities during a vacation to get the optimal quality of night rest.


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