9 Facts About Testicles You Might Not Know

9 Facts About Testicles You Might Not Know

9 Facts About Testicles You Might Not Know


9 Facts About Testicles You Might Not Know

The testis or commonly referred to as pubic or seed is an oval-shaped organ in the pocket on the right and left side of the penis. The main task of the testis is to produce and store sperm and produce testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone that is responsible for all changes in the body that occur during puberty.

The testicles grow in the early stages of puberty, around the age of 10-13 years. When the testicles grow, the skin around the scrotum (the place of the testicles) will be darker in color, hang down, and have hair. The testicular size of each man is different, but the average testis has a size between 5-7.5cm in length and 2.5cm in width.

10 interesting facts about testicles

1. The right and left testes are different

It's natural for men to have different testicular sizes between the right testis and the left testis. Usually, the right testis is larger than the left testicle. In addition, one of the testes (usually the left) hangs lower than the other.

2. The testes increase in size just before ejaculation

Testis You can increase its size to 50% just before ejaculation because of an increase in blood flow.

3. The testicles shrink when the temperature is cold

For the testicles to produce sperm, the testicles must be at the right temperature. Therefore, the scrotum will change size to make sure the testicles are at the right temperature. So, when you are cold, your body will give a message to the scrotum to shrink and maintain heat.

4. Testes produce sperm every day

Research shows that the testicles can produce 200 million sperm every day.

5. The testicles can hang down to

Just as the scrotum shrinks due to cold temperatures, your body can also loosen the scrotum if the temperature is too warm. In addition, your testicles will become larger so they can release excess heat.

6. The testes have a variety of proteins

The testicles have the most diverse proteins from each organ. A study found that 77% of all types of proteins contained in the human body are also possessed by the testicles. About 999 types of protein are unique proteins. This is quite impressive, because the human brain only has about 318 unique proteins.

7. Men with one testis can still fertilize the egg

Men who are born with one testis, or whose testicles have been removed due to cancer, can still make a woman become pregnant and have children.

8. The testicles have muscles that can protect from danger

Cremaster muscles can protect the testes from various threats by moving the testicles close to your body. You can also test the cremaster muscle reflex by rubbing your inner thighs. If your testis rises, all the systems will work.

9. The testis can hurt and swell

There are many things that can cause the testicles to hurt and swell, such as:

  • Gathering fluid in the area surrounding the testis, commonly referred to as hydrocele.
  • There are infections from viruses or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia.
  • Inguinal hernia or a condition in which part of the intestine pushes into the groin or into the scrotum through abnormal openings or through weak points in the abdominal wall.
  • There is an injury to the testicles, such as being kicked. hit or hit.
  • There is swelling in a blood vessel that drains blood out of the testis, or commonly called a varicocele.
  • Have testicular cancer.
  • There is testicular torsion or a very painful condition that occurs when the testicles are rotated.

Please note!

You are strongly advised to check your testicles every month and check for lumps in your testicles. When you examine the testis, hold the testis with your hands and rub it gently between your thumb and forefinger. Your testicles must feel oval and smooth. If you notice a hard lump, then you should check with your doctor.

However, you also need to remember that in the scrotum there are other parts besides the testis, such as sperm tubes. This tube connects the testes throughout your body. A slight lump caused by a sperm tube is normal. However, if you find a condition that is different from the normal testicles, you should contact a doctor.


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