8 Health Problems Due to Often Sitting Slouchy

8 Health Problems Due to Often Sitting Slouchy

8 Health Problems Due to Often Sitting Slouchy


8 Health Problems Due to Often Sitting Slouchy

Body posture is how you position your body when sitting, standing, sleeping or walking. Poor posture will contribute negatively to our health. These bad positions include the hunchback sitting position that people often do. In addition, sitting position is good if done occasionally, but if done too often and for a long period of time, this can affect health. Basically, the human body is designed to move, not to sit in a chair for a long time. To see what health problems are caused by sitting hunched over, let's look below.

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Effects of hunchback sitting on health

1. Change the shape of the spine

One of the most prominent negative effects if you stand or sit hunched is a change in the spinal curve. The human spine has a natural form that should be taken good care of. However, if you spend years standing or sitting in a bad position, your spine will get a lot of pressure. This is because you put your spine in an unnatural position. Changes in the spinal curve can not only cause long-term pain and discomfort, but can also prevent your spine from absorbing and maintaining proper balance.

2. Interferes with digestion

By maintaining a long, stooped sitting position, your digestive organs become blocked, thereby reducing the efficiency and normal functioning of the digestion. Because digestion works slowly, it triggers constipation and discomfort. This can also cause breathing problems, chest tightness, and high blood pressure. You should carefully look at your posture when sitting and how long you do it.

3. Stack up fat

The accumulated fat is caused by poor digestion. And this is often caused by sitting in the long run. A group of conditions that include increased blood pressure also causes excess body fat around the waist, as well as abnormal cholesterol levels.

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4. Causes depression

A bad sitting position, including a hunchback sitting position has been shown to have a negative effect on your mood. And worse, people who sit like that for a long time are also at high risk for depression.

5. Triggering fatigue

This is one of the most common symptoms of poor posture. To hold the body in an improper position, the body needs a lot of energy which can reduce your breathing capacity by 30 percent. This is the reason why most people who sit for long periods of time will complain of fatigue after waking up. Prevention can be done by reducing sitting and increasing movement. You can also try to stand while talking on the phone or you can try to stretch yourself after sitting in a few hours.

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6. Triggers chronic back pain

If you spend enough time with a bad body position, then you can begin to experience chronic back pain and degeneration of joint discs. Many people who sit in a stooped position for a long time, experience back pain from day to day, without knowing the cause clearly. Overall, poor posture can result in worse than you think. So, take time to bagun and move during the day. Taking the time to do this can not only help you have a better posture, but also prevent you from some serious health problems later on.

7. Increase stress

As stated earlier, a bad and too long sitting posture can cause bad breathing. This can affect the nervous system and increase stress. Maintaining an upright sitting position with broad shoulders and an open chest allows you to breathe more easily and increase hormone levels that make you feel more energetic.

8. Increase the likelihood of cardiovascular problems

A study in Australia shows that someone who sits all day with poor posture can have an opportunity to increase cardiovascular problems. Besides you will experience a shorter life expectancy, you will also experience an increase in cardiovascular disease by 147 percent.


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