7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Habits

7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Habits

7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Habits


7 Ways to Stop Masturbation Habits

Enjoyment produced by masturbation can make this activity addictive. Masturbation addiction can be an obsessive activity that can interfere with daily life. In addition, masturbation also has negative effects such as loss of sexual arousal, depression, or even impotence. Therefore, to prevent these side effects, let's look at some effective ways to end masturbation habits.

1. Avoid factors that trigger masturbation desire

Stay away from anything that can increase your temptation to masturbate. If you have pornographic objects, you must throw them away from your eyesight. Then block sites that have pornographic content on the computer, so you won't be able to access it. As much as possible avoid staying up late, so you are not tempted.

2. Work out

Exercise can help you release endorphins, pleasure hormones that stimulate a person to improve mood, and can also trigger positive feelings in the body accompanied by positive life and energy. If you do not want to exercise outdoors, you can exercise in the gym.

Why can exercise stop masturbation habits? The answer is very simple, because exercise can be a distraction for your body, starting with increasing heart rate, fresh air, and increasing concentration, so masturbation will not have a place in your mind. In addition, fatigue after exercise will make you want more time to rest than to do masturbation activities. So, the more often you exercise, you will slowly stop this habit.

3. Control food

Food plays an important role in your body's metabolism. If you eat foods that are high in calories, your body's metabolic rate will increase and will provide a higher energy level. The higher the energy level, the higher your sexual desire. You will be more likely to masturbate when eating hot and spicy foods.

Food will be important in controlling masturbation. If you have a problem with premature ejaculation and want to control masturbation, then avoid eating spicy foods.

4. Fill out social activities

Do this so you don't feel bored and lonely. Loneliness can increase the temptation to masturbate, especially if you feel that masturbation is a substitute for romantic interactions. Boredom can give your mind the opportunity to wander to thoughts that fall into sexuality, so that it makes you provoked to masturbate. Go with friends to play or to just fill your spare time.

5. Join in activities and look for new hobbies

When you try to fill your time with new activities, you will be able to find other ways to drain your energy. Finding creative means to drain energy can fill your time and give you satisfaction, so you no longer need masturbation to fulfill your satisfaction. Find new hobbies, such as exercising, joining voluntary activities, etc., to fill your spare time.

6. Looking for someone who can be trusted

Sometimes you might need someone's help to be able to quit the habit of masturbating completely. Finding someone you can trust like a religious leader or psychologist will allow you to tell about your problem and also help you find a solution. There are counselors who specialize in people who are sexually addicted, making it possible to help you find healthy ways to get rid of the habit.

7. Be patient

You won't be able to stop the habit of masturbating overnight. This is understandable if you still want it at any time. Making a note of your progress in stopping masturbation can give you a motivation. This allows you to take care of yourself, so that you will be released from negative things that can block your efforts to get out of masturbation habits.


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