7 These Behaviors Make You Difficult to Grow and Achieve Success

7 These Behaviors Make You Difficult to Grow and Achieve Success

7 These Behaviors Make You Difficult to Grow and Achieve Success


7 These Behaviors Make You Difficult to Grow and Achieve Success

Everyone must have their own principles and goals in life. Unfortunately, it is not easy to stay consistent with the principles that you hold firm so far. In achieving your life goals you will also encounter various challenges that can make you feel unsteady.

Suppose you actually have a target to take office within three years. However, you often procrastinate on work so often get stuck. Another example, you will get married in the near future so you must be diligent in saving. However, you are easily tempted to discount and cannot control the urge to shop.

The examples of behavior above are manifestations of self-sabotaging behavior. A behavior is said to sabotage ourselves when it creates a problem that is holding you back from achieving your goals. Often the behavior is not realized. You actually blame the situation when the goal is not reached. In fact, it could be the cause of yourself.

Bad habits that prevent you from reaching your goal

Bad habits that can sabotage yourself are usually the way you protect yourself from a problem. Instead of recognizing the problem and finding a way out, you are looking for shortcuts so you don't have to bother acknowledging reality and trying to improve things.

There are seven bad habits that most often prevent a person from realizing his dream or following his principles. See the explanation below.

1. Hobbies procrastinate

Many people hide behind self-justifications such as, "The more tight, the greater the motivation." Even though procrastination actually stems from the fear of failure (or rejection) and the tendency to run away from problems.

2. It's not wise to manage resources

Having capital or resources such as time, money, knowledge, and skills will not matter if it is not used to achieve goals. For example, you want to open your own catering business. However, instead of taking a cooking course, your money is actually spent on buying a new gadget.

3. Like to compare

Learning from others is important. However, comparing yourself with other people makes you stuck and not developing. The reason is that you cannot focus on the strengths and weaknesses of yourself. You are even obsessed with the strengths and weaknesses of others.

4. Does not manage emotions well

You will not be able to develop into a better person as long as you always lose to your own emotions. For example, after being reprimanded by a lecturer you become upset and do not accept, instead of correcting yourself and learning harder.

Also note that trivial things are annoying because not dating a partner makes you cranky all day. This will certainly hinder your communication with your partner, not improve it.

5. It's hard to commit

Commitment and discipline are two important things in achieving goals. This lack of both is often realized, but difficult to change. In fact, the key is to recognize the reason you have difficulty committing and using your own strength to be more disciplined.

6. Self-mutilation

Not only does it have an adverse effect on health, it will not make things better but vice versa. If you are aware of doing this, immediately seek the help of a psychologist, therapist, or mental health specialist and the person closest to you.

Self-injury also includes having unhealthy habits. For example using drugs, smoking, or alcoholism.

7. Afraid of taking risks

To achieve your goals, you certainly have to take risks. However, taking risks means you must be prepared to face changes, challenges, and things that cannot be predicted. Fear of change and things that cannot be predicted can actually help you prepare yourself, as long as it's not excessive and gets you stuck in a comfort zone.

Why can self-sabotage behavior appear?

Quoted from Psychology Today, a psychologist Ellen Hendriksen, Ph.D., things that can lead to bad habits that hinder success include lack of confidence, fear of change, and the desire to control everything in life You.

The reason is certainly different for everyone. However, the childhood and environment you grew up certainly plays an important role in causing you to sabotage yourself.

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