7 Mistakes You Often Do When Using a Hairdryer

7 Mistakes You Often Do When Using a Hairdryer

7 Mistakes You Often Do When Using a Hairdryer


7 Mistakes You Often Do When Using a Hairdryer

Hair care is one thing you should not miss if you want to get a healthy and perfect appearance. So, to arrange your hair to look beautiful like after a treatment at a salon, you might use a hair dryer (hair dryer). However, you may have heard that the hot wind produced by the hair dryer can eventually damage your hair. Then do you have to avoid using a hair dryer?

In fact, a study published by the Korean Dermatological Association in 2011 revealed that silencing hair to dry naturally both risks damaging hair. Because the cell membrane of the hair will bend when it comes in contact with water for quite a long time. Though starting from the process of shampooing to dry hair completely, it takes approximately two hours. Therefore, if the use is right, drying the hair with a hair dryer can actually reduce the risk of damaged cell membrane hair. Well, avoid various common mistakes that are usually done when drying hair with a hair dryer.

1. Hair too wet

It is important to remember that the hair should be dry at around 70-80% before you use the hair dryer. Most people do tend to immediately turn on the hair dryer after shampooing. If you often do this, your hair will get damaged faster because this is the same as you boil still damp and wet hair. Instead, dry your hair first with a soft towel or cotton cloth by squeezing and patting your hair, not by rubbing it. Then brush your hair with a soft comb to reduce the water attached to the hair. Then you can use a hair dryer.

2. Does not protect hair from hot winds

Too often using a hair dryer does run the risk of damaging the surface of the hair. Therefore, it is important to protect your hair from the hot wind produced by the hair dryer. After shampooing, coat your hair with serum, vitamins, or special hair lotion. You can also spray a hair mist that can prevent damage to hair due to heat. However, do not apply too much hair care products because it will feel heavier and harder to dry.

3. The hairdryer is too old

Even though the expiration date is not listed, the hair dryer also has a certain usage period. In general, the hair dryer will only function properly for 600 to 800 hours of use. If you use a hair dryer every day, it means that you can use the same hair dryer for about 2 years. After that, your hair dryer will no longer function properly and this risks damaging your hair. Hairdryers that are too old will get very hot. In addition, the older the age of your hair dryer, the more dust particles and dirt that stick when the hair dryer sucks air. These particles will clog the engine and block the wind out. Thus, you will also take longer to dry your hair with a very hot hair dryer.

4. Does not divide the hair properly

Everyone does have a different part of their hair. However, it should be noted that you should not immediately dry all parts of the hair at once. This will actually take longer and the results will not be maximal. Divide your hair from the right and left sides of the face. Then, lift a portion of your hair on the outside so that the next part you dry isn't too thick. Dry from the side of the new face to the back of the head, but remember not to take too much hair to dry at once.

5. Incorrectly directing the hairdryer

You need two different hair drying techniques. At the base of the hair, you should aim the hair dryer in the opposite direction to the hair fall. For example, the hair on the right side of your face falls to the right, then point your hair dryer to the left. By doing this, you will maximize the volume of your hair and prevent your hair from standing straight like an electric shock.

In the lower hair or not sticking to the scalp, aim the hair dryer according to the shape of the blow you want. If you want to arrange your hair with a neat blow inside, the direction of the hairdryer must follow the movements of your comb from top to bottom and bend inward.

6. Using an iron-based comb

Hair and beauty experts agree that iron, metal or aluminum-based combs are not the best choice if you are using a hair dryer. This type of comb will heat up quickly and cause coarse or dry hair. We recommend that you provide a comb made from wood, bamboo, ceramic or nylon. Also make sure the comb shape you choose is right, which is round.

7. Incorrectly set the temperature of the hair dryer

Most hair dryers have cold, medium, and hot wind settings. If your hair isn't too thick and rough, you really don't need to use hot wind. You should always dry enough hair with moderate wind. After the hair dries, arrange your hairdryer with cold wind and make sure each strand of your hair is dry. This will prevent the hair from developing and stretching after drying using a hair dryer.


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