6 Sports Movements to Repair the Humpback Body

6 Sports Movements to Repair the Humpback Body

6 Sports Movements to Repair the Humpback Body


6 Sports Movements to Repair the Humpback Body

Kyphosis is a condition in which the spine that curves forward exceeds the normal limit so that someone who experiences it will become bent. About 20 to 40 percent of parents suffer from kyphosis. But it is undeniable that at this time teenagers have experienced it. Generally kyphosis occurs due to bad posture or congenital abnormalities.

A study published in 2009 in International Osteoporosis found that spinal joint exercises performed 3 times a week for one year routinely improve good posture. Here are some exercises that can be done to improve a stooped posture.

Wall slides

The first way you can improve your stooped posture is by stretching your chest. Follow these steps:

  • Stand up straight with your back against the wall. Give your feet a little distance from the wall
  • Stretch your sternum by pressing your back against a flat wall while bending your knees
  • Place the two palms on the wall to make sure that the palms are outside
  • Gently move your body to the left
  • When you shift the position of the body to the left, you should be able to feel the stretch that occurs on the chest and also on the shoulder
  • Hold it in that position for a few seconds
  • After shifting your body to the left, then change to the right position
  • Do this alternately

Cobra pose

As the name suggests, this pose follows the pose of a cobra. In addition to strengthening the spine, this pose is also beneficial to shrink the stomach.

  • Lie on your back, your stomach stretched parallel to the floor with your hands under your shoulders.
  • Make sure your fingers are pointing forward and the feet are tight
  • Then, try to keep your elbows close to the sides of your body and then try to touch both shoulder blades.
  • Stabilize your back by tightening the abdominal muscles
  • Lift your chest slowly, making sure the neck extends upward towards the ceiling
  • Hold for 10 breaths, then lower the body
  • Repeat as many as 3 sets

Doorway stretch

This movement uses the door media that is used as a fulcrum in holding the body weight.

  • Stand in the middle of an open door.
  • Lift your arms to the right and left of the door frame while bending your elbows to 90 degrees
  • Step one foot forward
  • Hold the door frame tightly while pushing your body forward until you feel a stretch in your chest.
  • Hold for 10 seconds
  • Repeat as many as 3 sets

Resistance band row

When you go to the gym, you can do this exercise using the help of an elastic cord machine tool. You can also use rope media that are made like the way the cable machine works.

  • Start standing with both hands holding the resistance band
  • Then drag the band
  • When pulling the cable machine, try to position your head, shoulders, back straight.
  • Do this in 3 sets

Y Prone

This pose is almost the same as a cobra pose, it's just that you raise your hand up to form the letter Y.

  • Lay your body on the floor or you can also use a mattress as a base
  • Align the position of the foot with the shoulder position
  • After that, lift the two arms until the body forms the letter Y
  • Hold such a body position for 5 to 10 seconds
  • Do this in 3 sets

Upper back

One exercise that can be used to improve your posture is to train the upper back or upper back. This exercise requires the help of rolling foam so that the movements can be done perfectly.

  • Place the rolling foam on the spine, precisely under the shoulder blades
  • Bend your knees then let your feet touch the floor
  • Place your hands on the back of your head
  • Lift your waist slowly and then start raising your hips and lowering your hips little by little for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Do this in 3 sets

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