6 Physical Changes That Occur When You Quit Smoking

6 Physical Changes That Occur When You Quit Smoking

6 Physical Changes That Occur When You Quit Smoking


6 Physical Changes That Occur When You Quit Smoking

Every year, the number of smokers in Indonesia continues to increase. According to the Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health, quoted by republika.com, it is known that until 2015, the number of smokers in Indonesia currently reached 90 million. Even today, Indonesia ranks first in the highest number of smokers in the world, followed by Russia in second place, then China, the Philippines and Vietnam.

In fact, we all know that smoking not only causes lung cancer, emphysema, cardiovascular disease, but can also cause changes in the appearance of the body. However, although smoking can interfere with health and damage the appearance of the body, smoking habits are not easy to eliminate.

If this fact cannot convince you to stop smoking, then what about the fact that smoking habits can make you look worse?

The fact is, quitting smoking can improve your appearance to be more beautiful.

What happens to you physically after quitting smoking

Here are six physical changes that occur when you stop smoking:

1. The teeth look whiter

The content of tobacco, tar and nicotine in cigarettes turns yellow teeth. Quitting smoking can certainly keep your teeth away from the content of tobacco, tar and nicotine, and can make your teeth look whiter and breathe more fresh.

2. Skin looks healthier

Smoking habits can make your skin look worse, such as the appearance of wrinkles, blackheads and eye bags. The appearance of eye bags occurs because toxins in cigarette smoke damage the soft tissue around the eyes. Quitting smoking can prevent your eyes from the toxins contained in cigarettes and can make your skin healthier.

3. Eyes brighter

A smoker's eyes often look red, dry, and look tired because of exposure to cigarette smoke consumed. Quitting smoking can certainly prevent you from cigarette smoke that can cause irritation to the eyes, such as red or dry eyes.

4. It looks healthier

A study from the University of Zurich found an association between smoking habits and the appearance of gray hair. Color changes or damage to the hair occurs because chemicals in cigarettes can damage cells in the hair follicles and inhibit the intake of oxygen needed by the hair due to narrowing of blood vessels. Quitting smoking can certainly improve the condition and make your hair healthier than before.

5. Accelerate wound healing

Smoking habits can make the hemoglobin molecule not carry the oxygen it needs throughout the body. Narrowing of blood vessels due to smoking can also make it difficult for hemoglobin and oxygen to get to the tissue where they are needed. As a result, the wound healing process for smokers lasts longer.

Quitting smoking can improve the condition and can speed up the wound healing process.

6. Makes you look younger

The longer you smoke, the older you look. A study found that every ten years of smoking will make someone 2.5 years older than their actual age.

This happens because smoking can constrict blood vessels in the outer layer of your skin, so that it can damage the bloodstream. Even though, without blood flow, your skin cannot receive oxygen and nutrients needed. Moreover, the content of tobacco in cigarettes can actually damage elastin and collagen which can cause premature aging which is characterized by the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

By stopping smoking, your appearance will look fresher and younger because of the return of blood vessels that can improve blood flow, nutrients, and oxygen needed by the skin to regenerate in preventing premature aging.


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