6 Interesting Facts and Myths About Running Sports

6 Interesting Facts and Myths About Running Sports

6 Interesting Facts and Myths About Running Sports


We are all aware that running can be very beneficial, such as increasing physical strength, maintaining body shape, burning calories, and so on. However, there are more than just benefits in the running world. The following are some running myths along with the facts that you may have never heard of before.

Facts about astounding running

Running can be very challenging and messy .

Besides the conventional marathon, there is also running mud and running obstacles that are quite interesting. In 2014 alone, there were around 4 million runners who reached the finish in the non-traditional race. People often consider it more challenging than just racing to the finish line.

You can really run around the earth

This is a fact. If you run continuously for almost 5 years (5.7 years to be exact), you can travel 40,073 km. The size of the Earth's circle is 40,074 km. It's close enough, isn't it?

If you want to burn more calories, you have to run faster, or longer

Take for example a 13 km run, for example. If a person weighing 100 kg goes that distance by running, he can burn about 150 calories. For people weighing 54 kg, he can burn about 82 calories. This means, the more fit you are, the fewer calories burned in the same mileage.

Myth of running which is finally revealed and you don't need to trust anymore

Sports drinks are the best choice to drink while running

Although sports drinks do contain calories and electrolytes which help in running, this type of drink is most useful for running sessions with more than one hour. If you run for less than one hour, water is the best choice.

No need to warm up before running

Running is a type of sport with a fairly high intensity. Therefore, proper heating is highly recommended. However, holding a stretch position for some time - or generally known as static stretching - is not the right warm-up. Before running, the best thing to do is dynamic movements such as lunges, leg swings, butt kicks, etc. Basically, warming up before running means doing physical exercises involving the feet.

Running every day is safe

Actually, running every day can cause excessive physical exercise, fatigue, or even injury, especially for beginners. Exercising requires time for muscle recovery. If you hope your run will pay off, cross-training also. Running does not only include repetitive foot movements; Your muscles and stamina need to increase to be able to travel a longer distance. Go to the gym, swim, bike, do cardio training and so on. A good run consists of a combination of training variations, not just running itself.

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