6 Characteristics of HIV and AIDS that are often Ignored

6 Characteristics of HIV and AIDS that are often Ignored

6 Characteristics of HIV and AIDS that are often Ignored


According to UNAIDS, in Indonesia in 2015 there were around 690 thousand people with HIV. Of these, 50% are between 15 and 49 years old. Women aged 15 years and over who live with HIV conditions around 250 thousand people. The death rate from AIDS reaches 35 thousand people. In Indonesia, the causes and spread of the HIV and AIDS virus are divided into two main groups, namely through unsafe sex and changing syringes when using narcotics. Recognize the characteristics of HIV and AIDS that often sufferers do not realize to prevent death.

What are the characteristics of HIV and AIDS that sufferers often don't realize?

1. Flu and fever

The initial symptoms that often occur when a person is infected with the HIV virus is that the patient will experience flu and fever. The flu and fever will usually last a long time even though various treatments have been taken. The flu and fever caused by the HIV virus lasts from one week to one month. In this case the immune system is trying to fight this HIV virus.

2. Fatigue

Besides suffering from flu and fever, someone who starts contracting the HIV virus will feel excessive fatigue. This feeling of fatigue will make sufferers just want to sleep without doing any activities. This symptom of acute fatigue is the body's reaction that is actively fighting the HIV virus that is attacking the body. To find out more precisely, you can immediately consult this matter to the doctor so that you can be sure whether you experience fatigue because of the HIV virus or not.

3. Sweating at night

The next characteristic of HIV and AIDS that is often experienced by sufferers is frequent sweating at night. A study using the survey method proved that 50% of HIV sufferers always sweat at night, even if they don't do any activities. Not only that, even though people with HIV are in a cold room, they will still sweat.

4. Changes in nail color and shape

When the HIV virus attacks, the nails will experience changes in the color and shape of the nails. The nails of HIV sufferers will become curved and the texture will be thicker than the nails of people who do not have HIV. Not only that, the nails of people with HIV will change color to more black or bluish. This is a feature of HIV and AIDS that is often not realized.

5. Skin rash

A rash will appear on an HIV patient's skin. This rash on the skin usually appears red or pink (pink) and feels very itchy. In addition, people with HIV will experience purple spots on some of their skin. These purple spots will usually be difficult to lose even though they have been treated.

6. Weight loss

The next characteristic of HIV and AIDS is the drastic decrease in body weight. The body of an HIV sufferer will lose weight up to 10% from the beginning of his body weight. This decrease in body weight coincides with a weakened immune system. And if this condition continues, the body of an HIV sufferer will become weaker and worse.

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