6 Causes of Your Contraception Tool Fail

6 Causes of Your Contraception Tool Fail

6 Causes of Your Contraception Tool Fail


6 Causes of Your Contraception Tool Fail

Are you currently doing family planning to delay pregnancy? Family planning devices aka contraception are very diverse and have various successes as well. But what if you have used the best contraception and are considered the most capable of delaying pregnancy, but suddenly you are pregnant?

Even though you have used the most effective contraception, if some of this still happens, you will continue to 'concede' every year. What causes the contraception to fail and not work properly?

1. You once forgot to take birth control pills

If you choose birth control pills as contraceptives, then you have to drink them according to the rules and don't miss any time so you don't take the birth control pill. Skipping a one-time birth control pill can increase your chances of getting pregnant in the near future. This is because birth control pills cannot last long in your body so they must be consumed continuously according to the schedule.

When you forget to take birth control pills, you can just take two birth control pills the next day to prevent pregnancy from happening. But this usually can cause stomach problems in some women. Or, you can also buy emergency contraceptive pills if you have forgotten to take birth control pills and have had sexual relations with your husband. This emergency contraception is effective for preventing pregnancy from occurring for approximately 5 days after you have had sexual intercourse.

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2. You have sexual intercourse without a backup contraception

If you have just finished your menstrual period and then you have sex on the 5th day afterwards, then you can rely on birth control pills as a contraceptive. But if you are in a fertile period, you have to make sure that you and your partner use a condom even after taking the previous birth control pill. This is to ensure the chances of pregnancy are very small.

3. The condom used has expired or is damaged

Condoms are a contraceptive that can be used every time you have sex with your husband. You and your partner must first check the condition and expiration date of the condom to be used. Keep in mind that condoms are not resistant to hot temperatures. If the condom does not have good quality, then the condom can no longer prevent fertilization from happening.

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4. You keep the contraceptive in a place that is not supposed to

If you use birth control pills as contraceptives, you don't need to worry and worry because birth control pills can be stored anywhere. But still you have to keep it in an open and easily accessible place for you, so you don't miss the schedule for taking birth control pills. While contraceptives such as Nuvaring - the vaginal ring that works by secreting hormones - must be stored at a certain temperature so that it is not damaged quickly. Nuvaring can hold at room temperature for 3 or 4 months. But if you store it in the refrigerator, this tool will last until the expiration date ends.

5. You are taking medication which makes working contraceptives ineffective

Some types of drugs can actually be a barrier to the effects of the birth control pills you consume. The type of drug in question is rifampin antibiotics, drugs to cure vaginal infections, and several types of drugs consumed by people with HIV.

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6. Having sexual intercourse with vaginal ejaculation

Even if your partner ejaculates outside the vagina, you still have a big chance of getting pregnant. To fertilize the egg, actually only one sperm cell is needed so that the man does not have to ejaculate in the vagina. As many as 4 out of 100 women are still pregnant despite having sexual intercourse with ejaculation. Moreover, if you do this without knowing your fertile period, then the chance to get pregnant increases to 27%.


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