5 Ways to Love Yourself Despite Chronic Disease

5 Ways to Love Yourself Despite Chronic Disease

5 Ways to Love Yourself Despite Chronic Disease


5 Ways to Love Yourself Despite Chronic Disease

Accepting the fact that having a chronic illness is not easy. There will be a lot of thoughts that you think about, why I suffer from this, whether I can recover, and various other negative thoughts that usually cover my head. As a result, emotional conditions become disturbed and even stress until depression can occur. In fact, emotional conditions that are not stable can trigger the severity of the disease you have. For this reason, what you need to do is actually learn to love yourself and your body even in the most difficult conditions.

How to love yourself when you have a chronic illness

5 Ways to Love Yourself Despite Chronic Disease

Here are various ways you can keep loving yourself when you have a chronic illness:

1. Check the truth

When suffering from chronic diseases there will always be symptoms that appear and are felt from the start of pain to weakness and fatigue. At the same time someone will feel that this pain will be borne forever throughout his life. In fact, not infrequently a person feels that he will never feel better.

Even though it might not always be the case. Your condition is very likely to be better with proper care. In Dialectical Behavior Therapy there is a practice called checking the truth.

That means, you need to really check whether your existing assumptions are the same as the current reality. For example, you can check by checking with your doctor and asking if you really cannot recover and will experience pain for life or not.

2. Train yourself to be very grateful

One of the other positive things you can do to love yourself is to be as grateful as any condition. The method can be by expressing gratitude at all times or writing down small things that make you feel better.

Get used to being grateful to train you to accept everything that happens to you. Gratitude also helps to reward your body, which is always struggling to fight disease. Gratitude also makes you able to look at your body better.

3. Do simple self-care

Soaking in warm water, applying favorite lotion, and planning a nap can be simple self-care that you can do every day.

This method can be done as a gift to the body that has struggled with the disease you have. In addition, carrying out simple, pleasant treatments can also slightly distract you from the illness being suffered.

4. Let yourself express his feelings

There will be a day when you feel worse and worse than usual. So, allow yourself to express his feelings both through crying and anger.

You don't need to hold it back just to look good and not sad. Express your feelings until you feel much better. But after that, you need to get up and rearrange the spirit that has been destroyed.

Remember, there are always good days after the storm hits and you will be part of the good days to come.

5. Practice accepting conditions

Accepting the situation does not necessarily make the illness go away and disappear. However, this can make you reconcile with the situation.

When you are able to accept the situation and no longer deny it, then you will find a way to live a better and positive life despite having a chronic illness.

You can practice various ways to love yourself everyday. Remember, when things get harder then never lose. You must be much stronger and fight it. Invite the body to work together by giving it a variety of positive affirmations.

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