5 Types of Vaginal Shapes: From "Barbie Dolls" to "Horse Shoes"

5 Types of Vaginal Shapes: From "Barbie Dolls" to "Horse Shoes"

5 Types of Vaginal Shapes: From "Barbie Dolls" to "Horse Shoes"


5 Types of Vaginal Shapes: From

It cannot be denied that women have been thinking if their reproductive organs are the same as other women. Are you one of those who also think like that? Did you know that the vagina has a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors? Then, is it true that the shape of the vagina is different? Check out the following review.

Get to know vaginal anatomy

The characteristics and shape of the vagina are different and unique to each person, so a different vagina may not be called abnormal. Some people have a small and oval shaped vagina. While others have a tubular and larger vagina.

The vagina is an elastic channel with a length of approximately 8 cm that connects the uterus to areas outside the body. With a soft and flexible layer that can produce lubricants and certain sensations, the vagina becomes the penis inlet during sexual intercourse. But in the process of labor, this very elastic channel wall can expand and become a way out for the baby. In addition, the vagina also becomes the outlet of menstrual blood.

The entrance to the vagina is called the vulva. The vulva is the external part of the female organ which covers the vaginal opening, vaginal lips or labia and the clitoris which is located in the outer part of the vagina. Labia or vaginal lips are different between one woman and another woman.

In some very rare cases, the vaginal lips that are too large can affect a woman's comfort while sitting. While the hymen is called a layer of membrane that covers and narrows the vaginal opening. This membrane can be torn due to physical activity or due to sexual intercourse.

Various forms of vagina that you should know

Aside from the shape, the color of the vagina in one person is different from other people, from pink to brownish red. What are the forms of the vagina like? Here are five forms of vagina that you should know.

1. Barbie

The first type is the Barbie vagina. Why is it called the barbie form, because the shape of the vagina is similar to the shape of the vagina in the Barbie doll.

In this vaginal form, the labia minora (inner lips of the vagina) is completely inside the labia majora (outer lips), so that only one horizontal and vertical fold appears to form the letter 'V'. The majority of people assume that every woman, born with a vaginal shape like this. The fact is that only a few have a shape like this.

2. Curtain

The shape of the vagina has a labia minora or inner vaginal lips that hang outside the labia majora or outer vaginal lips. Some of the labia minora are not covered by the labia majora, so some "layers" are formed. No need to worry if you have a vagina shaped like this, because it turns out there are so many women who have a vagina like this.

3. Puffs

The shape of the vagina is almost the same as the shape of the Barbie's vagina, but the labia majora or outer vaginal lips in the form of the vaginal puffs come out slightly from the pubic bone.

4. Tulip

It's called a tulip because it's similar to a flower that is in bloom. Labia minora is exposed along the labia majora or labia minora which appear slightly sticking out from the bottom of the labia majora that covers it.

5. Horse shoes

The shape of the horse shoe type of the horse shows the labia minora but the lower part is covered by the labia majora or labia majora, slightly opening at the top but closing down, so that it resembles a horseshoe or horseshoe.

Is my vaginal shape normal?

Regarding what is the most normal or ideal vaginal form, the answer is none. In fact, the lips of the vagina can vary in size and about half of women have labia minora that is longer than the labia majora.

Based on a study published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the shape of the labia is indeed very varied, whether it's the inner lips of the vagina that are longer than the outer lip or vice versa.

The vagina is also very likely to have an unequal shape between the left and right sides. In fact, naturally symmetrical labia is very rare. So you do not need to worry if you find your vaginal lips are longer with each other.

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