5 Tips For Controlling Sexual Desire During Fasting Month

5 Tips For Controlling Sexual Desire During Fasting Month

5 Tips For Controlling Sexual Desire During Fasting Month


5 Tips For Controlling Sexual Desire During Fasting Month

Apart from holding back hunger and thirst, controlling sexual desire is also one of the homeworks that you must conquer during the fasting month. But some people may feel this is a difficult thing. Naturally, because sexual appetite is a natural reaction of the human body. Even a survey by Florida State University found that healthy adult men generally can daydream about sex at least once a day.

But even though sexual arousal is the body's natural response, it doesn't mean that you can't control it at all. Well, so that the worship in this year's holy month remains smooth and far from worldly temptations, see a number of powerful tips below to control sexual appetite during fasting.

Tips for controlling sexual appetite in the fasting month

The perverted brain is actually closely related to how well your ability to control emotions. Simply put, the more easily ignited you are, the more easily you will be aroused. People who have high anxiety levels also tend to be more difficult to control themselves when aroused. This is because the part of the brain that regulates emotional turmoil is the same as the part of the brain that processes sexual stimulation, the amygdala.

This is the right way to control sexual appetite during worship in the fasting month.

1. Inhale deeply

Deep breathing techniques can be a very effective way to control sexual appetite during the fasting month. Deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and meditation can clear your mind and calm you in the face of stressful events.

Negative emotions can disrupt the brain's sympathetic nervous system, which can affect the workings of the penis. When you are anxious, panic, or stressed, your sympathetic nervous system becomes hyperactive. In response, the brain that is too hyperactive finally instructs the penis to quickly expel semen to reduce brain activity. Because, after semen comes out, the body and brain can be calmer and relax due to the release of hormones.

2. Imagine an atmosphere that makes calm

Once you are hit by stress or anxiety, close your eyes for a moment while imagining the blue sea, or the green expanse of rice fields accompanied by the breeze. Or, go out for a while to breathe fresh air and see green greens under the shade of the blue sky.

The science behind color psychology proves that blue presents calm and relaxes nerves. The blue color also gives the impression of being stable, safe, and full of hope. Meanwhile, green is considered a calm and relaxing color. Green is related to nature and a healthy environment. In addition, green also symbolizes harmony, balance, and tranquility.

3. Avoid perverted thoughts

One of the main ways to control sexual arousal is to avoid people, places, images, views, media, thoughts and causes that provoke lust.

You can try to divert your mind by doing an ancestral trick to hold your pee to the fist as if you are holding a stone and focus your mind to hold it even tighter. That way, your mind becomes distracted, from "wanting to pee" so trying your hardest to squeeze the imaginary stone.

4. Embed positive suggestions

Stress and anxiety can be reflected in your movements and the mindset that follows is negative. However, try to instill suggestions or positive words for yourself. Repeat motivational words like, "Calm down, I can definitely finish this project."

Instead of daylight daydreaming about partners or erotic things, busy yourself (and your mind) with your work or hobby. If your mind has already sailed there, try to focus on the things that make you lose passion. For example, stack work or look at traffic jams behind the window.

5. Light exercise

When you are aroused, a large portion of the blood flow from the heart goes directly to the sex organs. As a result, the penis can be erect or the vagina is wet because it secretes fluid. When you exercise or have enough physical activity to make you sweat, the heart will pump blood evenly to other body parts that are working. For example, cleaning the house rather than sleeping playing cellphones to chat with girlfriends. Blood will flow more heavily towards your hands and feet, and not your intimate area. So, the possibility of a penis erection /wet pussy suddenly becomes smaller.

In addition, exercise reduces the levels of testosterone sex hormones while increasing the stress hormone cortisol. In the body, cortisol functions to regulate the body's response to stress, increase blood sugar metabolism, and control blood pressure.

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