5 Things You Need to Know Before Consultation with a Sex Therapist

5 Things You Need to Know Before Consultation with a Sex Therapist

5 Things You Need to Know Before Consultation with a Sex Therapist


5 Things You Need to Know Before Consultation with a Sex Therapist

Many people still think negatively when they hear the word sex therapy and associate it with obscene activities or prostitution advertisements. Not like that. A sex therapist can help overcome various sexual problems that you may have, ranging from sexual dysfunction such as impotence, difficulty or unable to orgasm, low libido, to sex addiction.

But before leaving for a consultation with a sex therapist, first know the following.

What you should know before going to sex therapy

1. The way sex therapists work is like an ordinary psychologist

The course of sex therapy is not much different from consulting a psychologist in general. During counseling for psychological problems, the therapist or counselor will usually ask some basic questions to get to know you more closely. Starting from what is happening in your life, what makes you go to therapy, what interferes with your life, and what goals you want to achieve. Sex therapy also starts with basic things like this.

Furthermore, sex therapists can ask about your sex history in detail, maybe including the last time you had sex (with another person or yourself aka masturbation), how often you have sex, and what you feel is a problem in matters your bed.

Basically, sex therapy is the same as other types of therapy that require you to open yourself through vent sessions so that the therapist can detect the root of the problem to help you manage emotions and view the root of the problem.

Only then will he help you find a way out, perhaps by changing your daily habits (sex and not related), distance yourself from the source of the problem, provide safe sex education, to teach you techniques to control emotions and stress does not affect sex life.

2. Sex therapy does not open the shirt

Although the name is sex therapy, counseling with a professional sex therapist will not make the client undress. Especially until asked to show and /or touch genitals to carry out any sex activities /positions. Good sex therapy also does not allow the therapist to teach how to have sex directly.

Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD, a sex educator and professor of sexuality at American University, quoted from the Everyday Health page, said that if you were asked to do so, immediately leave the place and seek legal assistance.

2. Sex therapists can help your physical problems

Counseling with a sex therapist can be the right solution for your sex problems because most sexual disorders are generally rooted in psychological problems, such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Even so, people who experience sex problems due to certain medical conditions (such as diabetes, cancer, stroke, etc.), motorized accidents, or after surgery can also consult a sex therapist.

The therapist can work with a doctor who handles your physical problems to design future plans for improving or improving the quality of your sex life.

What needs to be understood, this therapy cannot cure or treat the limitations and physical problems that cause sexual dysfunction. In many cases, sex therapy can only help sexual problems rooted in mental or emotional problems.

4. Anyone can consult a sex therapist

Anyone can consult with a therapist, not just in pairs. You can also come alone or with a partner if needed. The therapist can also deal with sexual problems if his client is not married. This could be because they have a problem that affects them to be more intimate with others. One reason might be due to sexual trauma or having negative thoughts about sex.

4. Sex consultation does not mean your relationship and partner is broken

Many people think that consulting a therapist about their sexual problems means that the client's relationship with their partner is damaged or will run aground. Even though, it's not always like that.

Kelli Young, MEd, BScOT, sex therapists and psychologists from Toronto instead say the opposite. Most couples who come to consultations are couples who care and care for each other. They go to a therapist to see and take steps to make their sex better and happier.

By realizing that your sex with a partner starts to have problems and immediately seeks help from an expert, this is something that is called caring and wants a relationship to continue. The right therapist can help couples make them more lasting and enjoy their sexual relationships.

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