5 Things You Must Think Before Before Having Sex

5 Things You Must Think Before Before Having Sex

5 Things You Must Think Before Before Having Sex


5 Things You Must Think Before Before Having Sex

Having sex can be a pleasant and very satisfying experience, but it can be daunting if you are not really sure about doing it. Before deciding to have sex for the first time, there are a number of things you should consider carefully first.

How do you know if you are ready to have sex for the first time?

Only you can find out the answer to that question. Deciding when to have sex for the first time is a big problem, and this can be a difficult decision. Do not have sex if you get coercion from your partner or just because it is influenced by peers who have had sex first. Only you are the only party who can and is obliged to decide whether you are ready or not and when the most appropriate sex time for yourself.

We usually make better decisions when weighing and judging all the good and bad sides. Great sexual experience is sexual intercourse that is in accordance with all the principles of life that you hold firm, including: values ​​and morals, educational goals or career continuity, emotional and physical risks that you dare to bear, what sex you really want to do, relationships what you want to have with your sex partner (boyfriend, husband, friend, love one night, etc.) and vice versa, whether your decision will be supported by friends and family and close relatives, and whether you feel comfortable committing to your decision.

On the other hand, having sex the first time can be risky for your body - sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies are no joke. Therefore, don't be afraid to say "no" if that's how you feel. And just because you have had sex before, even with the same person, doesn't mean you have to do it again.

Is your reason for having sex right?

Come back again, think carefully about the reasons behind your desire to have sex for the first time. Do you want to have sex because you feel emotionally and physically ready, and your partner is someone you love and trust? Or, your reasons are based more on peer pressure, the need to adjust to relationships, make a happy partner, or the belief that sex is the only way to have a better or closer relationship with your partner?

Even if it seems like all your age-old friends have had sex, that might not be true. Don't let what your friends do affect such important decisions. Look again at your own reasons. You may not be ready if the reason you want to have sex is one or more of these:

  • I am the only "virgin" in my friendship group
  • My girlfriend will threaten /injure /decide me if I refuse to have sex with her
  • Having sex will make me more popular
  • I feel more mature if I have sex

It is helpful to discuss your wishes with someone you trust - parents, friends, health care providers, or someone else who cares about you.

Are you able to be honest and open about what you really want?

The best way to ripen your first sex decision is to feel comfortable by communicating with your partner about your needs. If you don't feel comfortable about something, say so! Do you feel your partner will respect the decision you made about whether to have sex or not? No one has the right to pressure you to have sex. Anyone who challenges /questions your decision about having sex does not respect you as an independent individual.

Again, only you can decide whether you are ready to have sex. Remember that you are the only person who should have control of your body. It's hard to say "no," even if you want to; You may feel bad because you hurt someone else's feelings, or feel there is hope about what should happen. But you always have the right to say "no". Observe your feelings, and don't let others make you feel guilty for making the right decision for you.

Do you know how to protect yourself and your partner from the risk of unwanted diseases and pregnancies?

If you decide to be ready to have sex for the first time, make sure you and your partner understand correctly and are ready with all the risks. Vaginal, oral and anal sex, as well as genital touch, can cause sexually transmitted diseases. Vaginal penetration sex can cause pregnancy, whether it's for the first time or the umpteenth time.

To protect yourself and your partner against this risk, be prepared to protect yourself by using condoms that provide protection against infectious diseases and pregnancy. On the other hand, other forms of contraception (such as birth control pills) can protect against pregnancy but NOT from sexually transmitted diseases. Maintaining your sexual health is very important.

Before deciding to have sex, ask yourself:

  • Do I know how to protect myself from sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Do I have a condom supply, and know how to use it properly?
  • Do I know how to prevent pregnancy? or am I ready to get pregnant?
  • How do I deal with STDs or unwanted pregnancies?
  • Am I ready to go to the doctor for a disease test or pregnancy control?
  • Have I discussed this with a partner? If yes, what is the reaction and what kind of solution does it offer if you are pregnant or contracting the disease?

It would be better to have a discussion of sensitive things like this from a long time ago, even before you and your partner are ready to have sex. Discuss what you want and what you don't want to do. Sex is not the only aspect of a romantic relationship, and there are other ways to spend time together.

I think I'm ready to have sex for the first time. Then, what should I do?

Sex is a big step in the lives of both parties; So don't be shy to ask questions and exchange ideas with your partner. They may feel the same way and are not sure how to approach you. If you feel comfortable enough to have sex with your partner, then you must be prepared to talk about it.

Do you really feel ready and really comfortable with yourself and your partner to have sex, and vice versa with your partner? If the answer is yes, I feel really ready to have sex with my partner, then there's nothing wrong with getting started - if you already understand the risks involved.

Also make sure:

  • Both of you are both want to have sex without pressure with each other or from someone else
  • You are honest about your feelings. Your partner must be honest too
  • You and your partner will do what needs to be done to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, such as using condoms and /or medical tests
  • If you will be involved in vaginal penetration activities, use condoms and /or other contraceptives to protect yourself from unwanted pregnancies
  • Both of you feel comfortable saying "no" or stopping sexual activity in any situation if you feel something is wrong

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