5 These Natural Diuretic Drugs to Overcome Body Swelling Due to Water

5 These Natural Diuretic Drugs to Overcome Body Swelling Due to Water

5 These Natural Diuretic Drugs to Overcome Body Swelling Due to Water


Have you ever experienced swelling in parts of the body due to fluid buildup? The condition is called edema, which is body fluids that gather in a part of the body which eventually results in swelling. This heavy pile of water may occur to those of you whose activities sit or stand for a whole day. However, this condition is also often experienced by people who experience high blood pressure, impaired kidney function, liver, and heart.

If you go to a doctor, the doctor will usually give a diuretic drug that is able to deal with the weight of the water that has accumulated. However, you can also rely on some natural diuretic drugs from the following plants.

Various natural diuretic drugs that can reduce fluid buildup

1. Green tea

So far, green tea is famous for its high antioxidant content and is said to be powerful for burning fat deposits in the body. Apparently, not only that is the function of green tea. According to the International Scholarly Research Notices, consuming even a large amount of green tea can have a diuretic effect. This study reveals that drinking a cup of green tea, can make you urinate continuously.

2. Black tea

Black tea can also increase urine production. Just like green tea, black tea has caffeine which does have a diuretic effect. However, according to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the caffeine in this tea is not too much, so to cause a diuretic effect, there must be at least 6-7 cups of tea.

3. Parsley

Not only to make the appearance of food more attractive, parsley is considered as one of the natural diuretic drugs that can help reduce the weight of your water. A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology which conducted research on patients with kidney problems, parsley can increase the amount of urine in one day.

5 These Natural Diuretic Drugs to Overcome Body Swelling Due to Water

4. Hibiscus plants

A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacol, states that extracts of this plant can help work function of the kidneys thereby increasing urine production and preventing edema. This plant is usually made for tea blends.

5. Horsetail

There are many tea products that use these herbs as basic ingredients. This natural diuretic medicine, which is shaped like a fern leaf, is not only formulated as tea, but also extracts to be used as herbal medicine. Ponytail nail contains hydrochlorothiazide which is considered a diuretic substance.

What should be considered when using natural diuretic drugs?

All of these herbs can indeed be used as natural diuretic drugs, but in their use, you should still consult with the doctor who treats you. if you decide to use this diuretic medication, make sure that there are no side effects on your health.

If you are confused, which diuretic drug should you use, then don't hesitate to consult a doctor or medical team that handles Ada.

Reduce consumption of salt and foods containing sodium

The weight of the water will back up and make one part of your body swell, if you don't stop the cause of this condition. One factor why you experience edema is a high level of sodium consumption.

Sodium is abundant in salt and packaged foods or beverages. Eating too much food will make your body hold more water, so that the body becomes swollen.

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