5 Steps to Go Through If You Want to Succeed in Expelling Bad Habits

5 Steps to Go Through If You Want to Succeed in Expelling Bad Habits

5 Steps to Go Through If You Want to Succeed in Expelling Bad Habits


A bad habit that is maintained and left to linger, can backfire in your life. Starting from unhealthy habits such as snacking before going to bed, the habit of delaying work to play games, until the habit is late. His name is also a habit, it must be hard to throw away. Therefore, you must find ways to change these bad habits. How do you change bad habits for people who want to change? This is the stage of change according to experts.

How to change bad habits with five important stages

In the 1980s, two experts namely James O. Prochaska and his colleague Carlo Di Clemente developed the theory of the five stages of change. This theory believes that in order to truly change bad habits, one must go through five important stages, one by one.

What are the steps that must be followed as a way to change someone's bad habits? Here's the explanation.

The first step, you may not be aware

Right now, you may not really realize that you have bad habits that need to be changed. You also don't want to change anything.

Suppose you have the habit of placing your belongings carelessly, then later you will be bothered to find it yourself. At this stage you may not want to admit that what really makes you bother is yourself, because you like to put things in vain.

The second stage, starts to realize that your bad habits must be changed

Entering the second stage, you begin to want to change because you already know that your bad habits are a stumbling block in your own life. Usually this stage is triggered by an event that is significant enough to make you realize that something is wrong with your habits so far.

However, you are not really ready to abandon your bad habits. Because, changing bad habits means you cannot live "comfortably" again.

Third stage, prepare a rounded determination

At this stage, you begin to prepare yourself mentally and physically for changes. For example, if you have a habit of procrastinating work. You are now starting to squeeze your brain, thinking about how to change these bad habits. For example, by making a daily schedule or asking for someone else's help to remind you to complete a job.

Fourth stage, start acting and make changes

Finally you arrive at a very important stage, which is to bring about change. After you make a clear daily schedule, you begin to struggle to follow the schedule and complete each job on time, no longer being delayed.

This fourth stage usually lasts a long time. However, don't worry because everyone has their time. The important thing is that you are one step closer to total change.

The fifth stage, maintain your achievement

The final step is to maintain the changes that you have succeeded in doing. For example, you managed to stop snacking on foods that are high in calories and sugar. You must try to make this change not only momentary, but sustainable.

So, you could say this stage has no time limit. You may also have to make additional efforts. For example, by cooking more often at home than buying non-healthy snacks.

In essence, how to change bad habits cannot be instant and blink. You need a long process and great will. However, after going through the five steps described, you can be more confident in your own ability to change for the better.

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