5 Simple Things That Can Be Done at Home to Strengthen the Family Ties

5 Simple Things That Can Be Done at Home to Strengthen the Family Ties

5 Simple Things That Can Be Done at Home to Strengthen the Family Ties


5 Simple Things That Can Be Done at Home to Strengthen the Family Ties

The saying is that "blood is thicker than water" to describe the closeness of family ties. But in reality, emotional ties between family members do not necessarily wake up naturally in everyday life. It's not a rare phenomenon to find siblings or parents and children who act like strangers in their own homes. Having a happy family is everyone's dream. To achieve this, you need to work on it.

One way that can be done is by applying family traditions. Not only must be complicated and expensive. There are many simple habits that you can make a tradition to create strong family ties.

Simple habits that help build a happy family

1. Dinner together

Studies show that eating habits with family can improve communication between family members, strengthen family ties, improve academic achievement, and even be able to keep children away from smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Therefore, try to make a regular schedule of dinner with family at least once a week. It doesn't have to be an expensive restaurant. Dinner together at home can make your home atmosphere warmer. Don't forget, applying the rules may not carry cellphones or other electronic items on the dining table in order to create a warmer bonding atmosphere. Well, this memory of warmth makes your little one always have a bond with his home and parents until he grows up.

If you have trouble taking time to have dinner together, try to have breakfast with family.

2. Cooking together

Every family must have a favorite food menu. If possible, invite children and husbands to help you cook. Cooking together will increase your familiarity with your family.

You can do various tasks for each family member, for example the husband cuts the food, the little one takes food from the cupboard or refrigerator. Well, you act as a cook who mixes all the ingredients. The food you make will definitely be more enjoyable because it is made with a feeling of joy and familiarity with the family.

3. Watch a movie together

Don't hesitate to invite family members to watch a movie together at home or at the cinema. Laughing to stomach ache while watching comedies and crying as much as watching a drama movie can be a way to share emotions with family. After watching the film, take a few moments to discuss discussing the film and looking for other film references to watch the following week.

Besides being able to reduce stress and burden problems in the office or at school, this method will also make you and your family closer to each other.

4. Shared vacation

Everyone knows that taking a vacation can be a way to make your mood happier. Even a study found that just putting together a plan with a loved one can increase it to eight weeks.

Not only that, the tips on this one are also undoubtedly the benefits of building and strengthening ties with loved ones. You don't need to stay for days and spend a lot of money on vacations, just having a small picnic to attractions around the house can be a way to build your own happy family version.

5. Become a volunteer

Being a volunteer or volunteer at a charity event is scientifically proven to increase happiness, reduce feelings of loneliness and depression, and even make life long. You can make an annual donation by visiting an orphanage or social institution. Ask all family members to set aside pocket money to be able to collect this annual donation.

Not only strengthening family ties, this charity activity will indirectly teach you to empathize with others early on.

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