5 Signs of Your Partner (Or Yourself?) A Sex maniac

5 Signs of Your Partner (Or Yourself?) A Sex maniac

5 Signs of Your Partner (Or Yourself?) A Sex maniac


Sex is indeed a basic need that needs to be fulfilled. However, if too much, it will bring problems and make it difficult for the couple. Various strange things also become experiences that want to be done. So that you are not trapped in a sex maniac couple, you need to know how the characteristics of sex maniacs that you can easily recognize. Here's the review.

What is a sex maniac?

In medical terms, sex maniacs are one of the terms for compulsive sexual behavior, which is also often called hyperexex, nymphomania, or erotomania.

Compulsive sex behavior or sex maniacs are generally considered as a disorder experienced by someone in controlling impulses or sex drive. As a result of this disorder, a person is unable to resist the temptation or the urge to do an act that is detrimental to himself or others.

What are the characteristics of a sex maniac?

In this sex disorder, normal behavior that should be fun like sex, can turn into extreme habits. In general, the symptoms of sex maniac behavior can be identified by the following behavioral patterns.

1. Masturbate too often

Unlike most people, sex maniacs usually masturbate at very frequent frequencies. They can do it all the time, even after having sex with a partner. This frequency often occurs between 20 and 30 a week.

2. Often see or use pornographic material

A sex maniac usually cannot be separated from things related to sex either visually or otherwise. Porn videos will usually make someone be aroused to masturbate or serve themselves excessively. This will result in sex addicts or sex maniacs loving themselves more, and will be more selfish towards themselves to fulfill their sexual desires.

3. Avoid emotional involvement in sexual relations

Sex maniacs usually have intercourse just to fulfill their sexual desire. They greatly avoid emotional involvement in sexual relations. Because for them, sexual relations are just how to achieve the pleasure they want.

4. Having multiple sex partners or legitimate non-marriage affair

A sex maniac will not be satisfied to have sex only with a partner. They usually have fantasies to make love with someone who is considered to arouse sexual desire. Sexual fantasy is a common thing that everyone has, but that does not mean you have to be obsessed with someone. When a partner begins to become obsessed with someone and influences his sexual actions, it means he is thinking of another woman in his mind.

5. Using paid sex services via telephone or internet

In addition to pornographic content, sex maniacs will explore sex more through various media. They will 'adventure' to find something new to fulfill their sexual passion.

Sex maniacs will also allow themselves to engage in risky sexual behavior, even though they are aware of the consequences such as heart problems, sexually transmitted diseases, or damage to relationships with loved ones.

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