5 Rules to Look For When Using Insulin Injections

5 Rules to Look For When Using Insulin Injections

5 Rules to Look For When Using Insulin Injections


When a diabetics no longer responds to drinking drugs properly, it means that he needs an injection of insulin. Insulin injections are indeed needed by people with diabetes, in lieu of drinking drugs that are no longer able to maintain blood sugar levels. However, in some cases, despite injecting insulin, blood sugar levels continue to increase. This happens because of the factors that affect insulin work that you did not know before. The existence of these factors makes insulin work not optimal. So, what are the factors that interfere with the work of insulin?

Five things that must be considered when injecting insulin hormone

In the body, the hormone insulin plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. Insulin makes blood sugar into sugar in the muscles, which will be used as energy. People with diabetes need insulin injections because of deficiency (type 1) or existing insulin no longer works properly (type 2). Therefore, diabetics are very dependent on insulin hormone injections if it is already not effective with ordinary drinking drugs.

So, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to, so that insulin works remain maximal and sugar levels remain good. Anything?

1. Inject the insulin hormone in the recommended way

Sometimes, many people don't realize that they inject insulin the wrong way, for example, they don't inject it where they should. Of course, this makes insulin not absorbed properly and does not affect blood sugar levels. So, make sure that you have injected insulin in the right place and according to the doctor's recommendations.

Unlike drugs that are injected through veins, the insulin hormone must be injected into parts of the body that have a lot of fat under the skin. For example, stomach, thighs, and buttocks. If you are in doubt, ask your doctor to give an example of how and where to inject the correct insulin before you practice it.

2. When giving injections of insulin hormones must be considered carefully

There are several types of insulin injections available, from those injected before meals and at night before going to bed. Each type of insulin has different properties and work methods, so you must make sure that you inject the right type of insulin at the right time.

Most diabetics will get injections 20-30 minutes before eating. Don't forget to inject, huh. If you forget, your blood sugar levels can immediately rise.

5 Rules to Look For When Using Insulin Injections

3. Rarely can exercise inhibit insulin work

Your blood sugar levels may continue to be unstable because you rarely exercise. There have been many studies that state that exercise can help work insulin in the body. Yes, when you exercise, your body needs more energy. If the need for energy increases, insulin will automatically be stimulated to convert blood sugar into muscle sugar. This then keeps your blood sugar level normal and insulin works well.

4. Food is also a major factor affecting the workings of the insulin hormone

It's useless if you only rely on insulin injections without changing your diet. If you have diabetes, then you really don't want to eat sweet foods. The more sweet foods you eat, so the body needs more insulin. This makes your current insulin injection not work well.

5. Don't forget to drink lots of water

Keep your body so that it doesn't lack water by drinking lots of water. However, still prioritize water that is safe for your blood sugar levels. Avoid soft drinks or sweet drinks. Because, when the body is dehydrated, it will make absorption of insulin into the blood become obstructed. This condition will make blood sugar levels jump sharply and insulin becomes resistant.

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