5 Risks of Having Sex Before Marriage

5 Risks of Having Sex Before Marriage

5 Risks of Having Sex Before Marriage


Having sex before marriage is very common in many countries in the world, including in Indonesia. According to data from the Infodatin Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2012, there were 14.6% of men aged 20-14 years and 4.5% of men aged 15-19 years who had had premarital sex. Whereas for women aged 20-24 years there are as many as 1.8% and at the age of 15-19 years as much as 0.7%. From the survey, the reason for the most premarital sexual relations for men is out of curiosity or curiosity. And for women it is because they are forced by a partner. Without realizing it, having sex before marriage has its own risks for your life. What are the risks? To find out the full answer, let's look at the following.

Risk of having sex before marriage

1. You get rumors and bad reputation

Even though we are in a very developed world, the traditions and morals that have been taught by society and parents are still embedded in us. That is why having sex before marriage is considered a bad thing. And when someone does this, he can have a bad reputation. This can affect relationships between people at work or in personal life.

2. You feel less confident and lose confidence.

Relationships between partners are basically caused by admiration or love, and those feelings may be triggered by the similarities between the two. This relationship is sometimes led by sexual desire or lust. So, when you have sex with a partner, then you have fulfilled each other's needs. And that can make you have less confidence in your partner, because you think that he might be looking for someone else to experience a different sexual relationship.

3. You will feel the emotional effect

And in the religious community, women who have sex before marriage are considered sinful, and even they can be rejected by family, society, and religion. So, for women who do it, their hearts may feel crushed, embarrassed, insecure, depressed, etc.

4. Your partner can lose sexual desire

Some women claim that having sex before marriage is a way for him to commit in relationships. However, in fact many people who have sex only because of their passions. Also, once you start sex, it will become a natural habit that may become unavoidable and end up doing at least two or three times a week.

Activities that are too frequent like this will not only damage intimacy, but will also frustrate the desire to enter the next stage of the relationship of the same woman. If you find that your relationship progresses to marriage, your partner may experience problems, such as losing an erection, having sex faster than usual, and some other similar problems related to sexual relations. And that can affect your marriage and your future with your partner.

5. You are at risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases

One of the incurable diseases is HIV, this virus can kill millions of people around the world, and the main cause is having sex before marriage, especially if that person does it with lots of people. This includes women who are addicted to feeling orgasm and always having sex with many men, or men who go to prostitutes and have sex with many women. Keep in mind that this disease can end your life simply because you are dealing with someone who has contracted the virus.


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