5 Right Ways to Generate Appetite Cancer Patients

5 Right Ways to Generate Appetite Cancer Patients

5 Right Ways to Generate Appetite Cancer Patients


Loss of appetite is sometimes one of the side effects of cancer chemotherapy. Because during the chemo process, drugs that are used to kill cancer cells at the same time break down the cells of the digestive organs so that the function of digestion and absorption of food is disrupted. Chemotherapy also causes fatigue and anemia, which makes cancer patients more reluctant to eat food. Relax, there are various easy ways you can do as a appetite enhancer for cancer patients. Contek below, let's!

Various things that can be appetite enhancers for cancer patients

Eating a variety of foods is an easy way to get all the nutrients your body needs to recover quickly. But first know what can and should not be served for cancer patients. Healthy foods high in protein and complex carbohydrates are two key intake in the diet of cancer patients. While also avoid junk food, fruit or vegetables that contain pesticides, and fatty foods.

Once you understand how to present a healthy diet, you can only find out tips and tricks on appetite enhancer for cancer patients, such as the following:

1. Make small portions

For people who are sick, eating three times a day can be heavy. For that, try serving a large meal menu in smaller portions. For 6 meals throughout the day, for example. But you still have to fulfill the adequacy of nutrition in one small plate. For simplicity, you can slip powdered protein drinks, yogurt, or candied fruit between meals to increase the calorie intake of cancer patients.

2. Add flavoring spices

The food of sick people does not only have chicken porridge and flat oatmeal. But don't add too much salt or MSG to the cooking. Better, add garlic, shallots, leeks, turmeric, cumin, curry, ginger, cinnamon, red or green pepper to add flavor to the cuisine.

3. Serve the food beautifully and unique

Beautifying the appearance of the food as creatively as possible, be it by arranging the colors of the side dishes or adding garnishes to the dinner plate, you can make a trick to increase appetite for cancer patients.

For young patients, make colorful ice cream or popsicles from fruits. As for patients who are adults, serve foods with decorations such as salads or fruit around the side dishes.

4. Invite to exercise

Next, you can invite or make cancer patients do physical activities to arouse appetite to increase. At least with relaxing activities such as morning walks in the home environment, folding clothes, or even preparing and cooking food to be eaten. If you want to exercise, consult your doctor first about the type of exercise and how heavy the cancer patient should exercise depends on the condition.

5. Make meal times fun

Some tasteful people eat if the meal time is as enjoyable as possible. Eating with family members while enjoying time together can also make eating time enjoyable.

Every now and then, try combining meal times or watching food-themed TV shows. It is recommended that you not mention anything about the cancer that the patient has suffered, change it and raise the topic of conversation that can arouse the appetite of the patient.

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