5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children

5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children

5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children


5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children

Many couples feel their sex life is getting bland after having children. Naturally, because your daily life, which was only just two, is now busy with the presence of the little angel. Reporting from Women 's Health Magazine, Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., an obstetrician (SpOG) and professor of reproductive science at Yale University School of Medicine, said that the sex routine after childbirth can be different. Apart from increasing family members, giving birth also changes the physical - especially women - which can reduce self-confidence and sexual desire.

Calm down. The "dry season" of sex after having children does not have to be experienced by you. Look at the best sex position after giving birth that you can copy with your partner to revive the passion of making love.

When is the right time to have sex after giving birth?

The ideal time to return to having sex after having children varies for each pair. Usually three to six weeks after delivery, you and your partner can have sex again. Some women may take longer. To be sure, you have to wait until bleeding (lokia) and the pain stops if you have a normal delivery, or until the caesarean sutures are healed and the size of the uterus that was large returned to its original size.

5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children

Every woman basically has a different level of readiness about sex after giving birth. Some have sex six weeks after giving birth and don't complain of anything. However, there are also those who just make love again after two months but still feel uncomfortable. So, it is important for you and your partner to measure their own readiness yourself. There is no certain obligation to immediately have sex after giving birth.

The best position to make love after having children

The decision when to return to having sex after having a child actually depends on the readiness of you and your partner. But if you want to try to reheat the burning flame of the extinguishing passion, these five positions make love the most recommended for couples who have new children.

1. Woman on top

This style of love requires a man to lie on his back, while a woman will sit on a man while adjusting the movement and speed of penetration according to personal comfort. In addition, this position also allows the penis to directly stimulate the clitoris which can guarantee sexual satisfaction for women. Alternatively, men can sit back using a cushion behind their back while holding a pair.

2. Missionary

The missionary style is done by the way a woman lies on her back facing a male partner who penetrates from the top of a woman's body. This position is the classic and most intimate lovemaking position because it involves warm eyes and charming caresses, which can strengthen the inner bond between you and your partner.

In addition, you can modify it by whispering, intimate kissing, to biting the naughty couple's neck to further fuel their passion. The position of the missionary is appropriate to prolong the duration of a pleasant and enjoyable love.

3. Spooning or sideways

The kelonan position can be the best alternative as a sex position after having children. Spooning is the most appropriate choice of sex positions for those who enjoy relaxed, slow, and more intimate sex. The trick, you and your partner lie side by side facing the same direction. In general, men will "enter from behind" while hugging their partners.

5 Positions of Making Love the Best After Having Children

Spooning helps you minimize pain during sex after giving birth. If a man has difficulty penetrating or moving, use a pillow to help lift the pelvis. When dealing in a spooning lovemaking style, a woman can lift one of her legs towards the abdomen and the other one is slightly straightened forward to make it easier for men to penetrate.

This holding position can create special intimacy between you because the kelonan helps the brain release more of the hormone oxytocin which makes you and your partner feel happier.

4. Shared masturbation

Shared masturbation is a position of intercourse that is stress free, easy, and enjoyable. Masturbation is often terminated as a position of intercourse, perhaps because many people do not consider the activity to be 'real' sex unless there is penetration involved. In fact, joint masturbation is a great way to learn about each other's desires and pleasures while enjoying a satisfying orgasm.

"This position can be very helpful in special situations, where both parties do not feel ready for penetrative sex, or who have not /are physically incapable (which is normal for women after giving birth), but still want to be involved in sexual activities together, "said Dr. Martha Tara Lee, clinical sexologist who practices at Eros Coaching.

Because, each of you will "take care" of yourself. So there will be no pressure to look perfect. "Joint masturbation can be used as a foreplay or main menu," he continued. Alternatively, you can exchange giving handjob for each.

5. Oral sex

Penetration is not a must in any intimate relationship. Oral sex can be a good choice when you want to make out, but still feel pain for full penetration. You can do this by lying down and let your partner stimulate the clitoris and other sensitive parts.

Whatever position you choose to have sex after giving birth, the most important thing is that you and your partner can rebuild harmony and intimacy that may fade during pregnancy.

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