5 Injuries that Most Often Occur When Making Love, If You Are Not Careful

5 Injuries that Most Often Occur When Making Love, If You Are Not Careful

5 Injuries that Most Often Occur When Making Love, If You Are Not Careful


5 Injuries that Most Often Occur When Making Love, If You Are Not Careful

Sex should be a fun activity. But maybe because it's too carried away, you or your partner may experience injury during sex. Whether it's because of wrong maneuvers, techniques, positions, or other negligence. What is the risk of an injury that might occur in the heat of a sex session?

If you are not careful, you risk being injured during sex

1. Vaginal wound or tear

A torn vagina is one of the most common types of injury during sex in women. This injury is often caused by penetration that is too fast and /or too hard when the vagina is dry or not enough "wet".

Friction between the skin of the penis and the vaginal wall that is still stiff because it has not been well lubricated can injure and eventually tear the tissues in the vagina. A torn vagina can cause pain and discomfort. In more severe cases, the vagina can bleed and become infected if not treated quickly.

A wounded vagina can heal by itself over time. But to speed up the recovery process, you can take ibuprofen or soak in warm water. If the pain lasts long, you should consult a doctor and while "fasting" makes love first until the wound is fully recovered.

2. Anus is torn

As with the vagina, the anal canal can be torn because it is "less wet" when penetrating without lubrication. Because the anus does not have natural lubrication like the vagina has. Moreover, the skin tissue in the anus is unprotected with layers of dead skin cells like the skin around the anus's outer opening, making it more susceptible to tearing.

Penetration can tear the inner tissues of the anus, which allows bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream. This can lead to the risk of the spread of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Studies even show that the risk of HIV spread increases by 30 times in anal sex rather than vaginal sex.

3. Condoms are left in the vagina

Condoms are one of the best solutions to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. But even when you are very careful about installing a condom, this thin safety can be sagged and detached from the penis, eventually stuck in the vagina.

This negligence can be caused by the size of a condom that is too large or too small, how to use a wrong condom, or a penetration technique or maneuver that can cause the condom to tear.

When it's released inside the vagina, it's likely that semen will spill from the condom and enter the cervix. This can increase the risk of an unplanned pregnancy or even transmission of venereal disease.

But don't worry if you experience this. Panic will only make the muscles of the body tighten tight, including the vaginal muscles, so that the condom will be more difficult to remove. There are many ways to remove condoms that are stuck in the vagina. You do is ask your male partner to gouge the condom gently using two clean fingers. If the condom still cannot be removed, you should go to the nearest clinic to let the doctor do it.

4. Broken penis

Although not reinforced, certain negligence can cause injury during sex that makes the penis broken. An erect penis can break and crack when experiencing an impact or get excessive pressure. In general, you will hear cracks or loud bursts when the penis breaks or cracks when making love.

There are a number of sex positions that are prone to causing the penis to break, like woman on top (woman sitting on top of a man) and doggy style. Not that this position should be avoided, but at least you and your partner can be more careful when making love.

5. Muscle cramps

Sex often involves motion in the hips, legs and hands. Just like when running, the use of muscles that are too heavy and too long during sex can cause muscle wear and cramps. Quoted from Health, thighs and calves are the body parts that most often cramp during lovemaking.

If you suddenly experience cramps in the heat of a sex session, try to stop temporarily until the pain subsides or changes to a more comfortable position. If the pain is still approaching afterwards, you can take painkillers or stretch for a while by walking.

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