5 Good Foods to Eat When Menstruation

5 Good Foods to Eat When Menstruation

5 Good Foods to Eat When Menstruation


Menstruation does result in various types of changes in a woman's body every month. Usually when menstruation arrives, women want to snack on sweets like chocolate, martabak, or cakes. Unfortunately, this is not always good for a woman's body during menstruation. Then, what foods during menstruation are good? Check out the following options.

Food during menstruation is good for women

Menstruation or menstruation will usually make female hormones unstable, aka up and down. That way, the nutritional needs of women also change. So, it is important to maintain and pay attention to the food and drink that women are drinking before, during, and after menstruation. Here is a list of foods during menstruation that you should know.

1. Healthy snacks

Snacking is one of the things that can't be avoided during menstruation. Well, it's a good idea to prepare a healthy snack. Instead of eating martabak, fried foods, or sweets, replace them with healthy low-calorie snacks. It is recommended to replace unhealthy snacks with yogurt, nuts, fresh fruit, or even peanut butter or not anything to consume while menstruation lasts.

2. Foods containing iron

Blood that comes out during menstruation can increase the risk of anemia, you know. Yes, to overcome the risk of getting anemia, it's good to have food during menstruation that is filled with iron in it. For example, you can eat meat, milk, fish, green vegetables, or even whole-grain cereals to prevent anemia from coming when menstruation arrives.

3. Herbs or foods rich in traditional spices

Traditional Indonesian spices such as turmeric and ginger are good for pain relief during PMS. For example, you can mix your own herbal medicine with one turmeric that is washed and then pounded until it is slightly smooth. Mix a little water, squeeze and drink regular turmeric water to reduce PMS pain.

Also, you can use ginger. Ginger is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve abdominal pain during or before menstruation. To use ginger, you can boil ginger with tea or add ginger to the food.

4. Fiber foods

Foods rich in fiber such as wheat, fruit, and green vegetables are actually some types of food during menstruation that are good for women. Why? During menstruation, digestion is usually interrupted, so fibrous food is the right solution as food during menstruation. Consume enough fiber to avoid constipation or bloating during menstruation.

5. Don't eat too salty

Usually potato chips, salty snacks, or even savory dishes are one of the foods during menstruation that women desire. Indeed, foods with savory flavors are tempting, but this type of food is not the right food for menstruation for consumption.

Sodium in salty foods can make the stomach become bloated so that menstruation becomes even more uncomfortable.

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