5 Causes of Sperm Not Coming Out During Ejaculation (Danger Is It Not?)

5 Causes of Sperm Not Coming Out During Ejaculation (Danger Is It Not?)

5 Causes of Sperm Not Coming Out During Ejaculation (Danger Is It Not?)


5 Causes of Sperm Not Coming Out During Ejaculation (Danger Is It Not?)

When a man reaches orgasm, the body should release semen containing sperm through the penis. However, it turns out there are some people who experience problems with ejaculation to cause sperm to not come out. In fact, the body has shown signs of other orgasms such as muscle contractions. Wow, dangerous or not, huh? Here is an explanation of some conditions that might make sperm not come out.

1. Delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation or delayed ejaculation is a condition when men need sexual stimulation that is longer than usual (more than 30 minutes) to be able to reach climax and expel semen from sperm cells. In fact, some people who experience delayed ejaculation conditions cannot ejaculate at all. This means that it cannot remove sperm during sexual intercourse with their partner.

This condition is usually caused by certain health problems, consumption of drugs, to mental disorders. Delayed ejaculation can be a long-term health problem that occurs for life or occurs in a certain amount of time and is temporary.

2. Retrograde ejaculation

Retrograde ejaculation or reverse ejaculation occurs when semen that is supposed to be released through the penis during orgasm actually enters the bladder. During orgasm, the bladder neck muscles cannot tighten and close properly. As a result, when going to ejaculate, the sperm that had been released through the penis actually flowed into the bladder.

Even though it's not dangerous, retrograde ejaculation can cause a man to be infertile and have trouble having offspring. Besides sperm does not come out, this condition is characterized by urine that is more pale and slightly thick because it contains semen that should be released during orgasm.

3. Laser prostate surgery

Prostate surgery with laser technology is usually done because of an enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). The laser will help shrink or lift excess tissue on the prostate.

With a surgical procedure, the symptoms associated with bladder problems due to prostate enlargement can be overcome. For example, urinary tract infections, frequent urination, slow urinary rate, and a series of other symptoms.

Unfortunately, a common side effect that is usually felt from this procedure is dry orgasm. Dry orgasm is a condition when the body is unable to remove sperm when it reaches the peak of sexual pleasure.

4. Hypogonadism

Hypogonadism is a condition when the body does not produce enough testosterone. In men, the hormone testosterone is the key to growth and sexual maturity. One of the functions of testosterone is producing sperm. If a man has hypogonadism, there is a possibility that puberty is late or the growth of his sexual organs is not perfect. One of them is a growth disorder in the penis and testicles or testicles.

If the growth of the penis and testicles is disrupted, it is not impossible that sperm production will be disrupted. Because the sperm is produced in the testes and the body needs testosterone which is enough to produce sperm normally.

So, if you experience this condition you run the risk of experiencing impotence, which is when the penis is unable to reach an erection and the sperm does not come out as in general ejaculation.

5. Blockage of sperm ducts

The presence of blockages in the epididymis and the vas deferens can interfere with the process of transporting sperm and then being expelled through the penis. Epididymis is a place to store and ripen sperm. While the vas deferens is a tube-shaped channel that transmits sperm to get out when ejaculation occurs.

Blockages in both parts can cause a man unable to remove sperm during ejaculation. Infection, vasectomy (sterile male birth control), and also problems in the prostate can be a cause of blocked sperm ducts.

In some cases, this condition does not show definite symptoms. However, if the blockage is caused by an infection, usually a whitish liquid appears that comes out of the penis accidentally, feels pain when urinating, and inflammation occurs.

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