5 Causes of Red Rashes in the Armpits that Make Pain and Itching, Plus How to Treat It

5 Causes of Red Rashes in the Armpits that Make Pain and Itching, Plus How to Treat It

5 Causes of Red Rashes in the Armpits that Make Pain and Itching, Plus How to Treat It


5 Causes of Red Rashes in the Armpits that Make Pain and Itching, Plus How to Treat It

The armpit is one of the easiest areas of the skin to rash and be irritated. This irritating rash then causes the armpit to itch and feel sore. What causes the rash in the armpit, and how do you deal with it? Check out more in this article.

Various causes of rashes in the armpit that make itchy and sore

1. Blisters

Your underarm rash may be caused by abrasions due to skin friction with coarse clothing. Armpit skin irritation can also be caused by carelessness when shaving hair. The reddish rash in the armpit due to abrasions can feel sore and cause the skin to crust, crack, to bleed from peeling.

Blisters can get worse and irritate if not treated. So, don't ignore it. Clean the blister area gently using clean cold water and dry it. You can also compress irritated underarm skin with cold compresses, don't forget to dry. Moist skin can aggravate the condition.

After the area is dry, apply petroleum jelly or mild moisturizer that does not clog the pores. If the area with blisters becomes painful, swollen, crusty, or bleeding, ask your doctor to prescribe ointment.

2. Prickly heat

The armpit skin is most susceptible to moisture because the folds can trap sweat. The combination of sweat, dirt, and friction from tight clothing can trigger prickly heat. Using a deodorant cream that is too thick can also cause prickly heat.

Prickly heat often occurs in hot weather. Prickly heat arises because the pores of the armpit skin or sweat ducts are blocked so that the sweat does not come out properly. This skin problem is characterized by the appearance of fine red spots that appear around the skin and feel itchy.

Some medicines such as calamine lotion, anhydrous lanolin, and topical steroids can treat prickly heat. Wearing loose clothes and cool materials, applying aloe vera gel, to cold shower can also be an alternative solution to expel prickly heat.

3. Eczema (contact dermatitis)

Eczema or contact dermatitis is an autoimmune disease that occurs when the skin experiences an allergic reaction after being exposed to foreign substances or toxic substances. Chemicals in detergent and bleach for clothes, fragrances or chemicals in cosmetics or beauty /body care products (soaps, deodorants, lotions), until drugs can trigger eczema to recur. Insect stings can also cause eczema symptoms to appear.

Eczema cannot be cured, but can be controlled so that the symptoms do not recur easily. Various types of corticosteroid drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs in the form of ointments, creams, tablets, or pills are often prescribed by doctors to help reduce itching and skin inflammation due to eczema.

4. Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin irritation caused by excess production of sebum or oil which can cause a rash in the armpit. The cause of seborrheic dermatitis is a fungal infection.

Unlike eczema which causes dry skin spots, seborrheic dermatitis causes oily-looking patches. In addition to patches of skin that are red, swollen, and itchy, seborrheic dermatitis also causes yellowish white flakes around the rash spots.

Seborrheic dermatitis is generally treated with corticosteroid or ketoconazole antifungal creams.

5. Fungal infections

Candida or candidiasis is a fungal infection that can also be one of the causes of a rash in the armpit. Candida most often occurs in areas of moist skin, such as the armpit.

Fungal candida infections cause itchy and reddish swollen armpits, which can worsen during hot weather or when wearing clothes that are too tight. Poor personal hygiene can also make you suffer from fungal skin infections.

Underarm rashes due to candida infection can be treated by applying anti-fungal ointment or cream.

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