4 Types of Food to Avoid When Gums Are Sick

4 Types of Food to Avoid When Gums Are Sick

4 Types of Food to Avoid When Gums Are Sick


Gum disease is usually caused by inflammation. This inflammation arises from bacterial infections. You also have difficulty chewing or talking. The point is that the mouth is completely uncomfortable. In addition to undergoing treatment with antibiotics and treatment from your dentist, there are restrictions that must be adhered to so that the gum pain disappears quickly. See the full explanation below, yes.

Symptoms of gum disease

Gum disease is usually characterized by rocking teeth when biting and chewing food. Your gums will also turn red, swell, become softer, and bleed, especially when brushing your teeth. This condition is also called gingivitis or inflammation of the gums.

If left unchecked, this disease can get worse and develop into periodontitis. Periodontitis usually shows symptoms of tenuous teeth, dated teeth, and unpleasant bad breath. So, you should immediately check with the dentist if you experience the symptoms that have been mentioned.

Abstinence during gum disease

Even though you have taken medication and are undergoing treatment, gum pain will not just disappear if you do not change your unhealthy diet. So, it's important for you to avoid the following foods and drinks.

1. Sweet foods and drinks

Sweet foods and drinks contain high sugar. According to experts who wrote the book Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism, sugar will be absorbed by the body and become a food source for bacteria that cause gum pain. Bacteria will become increasingly malignant and difficult to eradicate. In addition, the sugar attached to the gum will also turn sour. An acidic environment is ideal for bacteria that cause gum disease to multiply.

So it's best to avoid sweet foods and drinks like candy, cakes, donuts, pudding, syrup, and sweet tea. You are also encouraged to avoid packaged foods and beverages that contain additional sweeteners such as packaged fruit juices, soft drinks and instant coffee.

2. Acidic foods and drinks

As mentioned earlier, an acidic environment can be a nest of bacteria that causes ideal gum pain. In addition, acidic foods and drinks can erode the protective layer of your gums and teeth. This is why when eating or drinking acidic your mouth will feel sore.

The fruits and juices that need to be avoided include oranges, lemons, lime, limes, pomegranates, pineapples and grapes. Foods containing vinegar such as pickles and pickles should also not be consumed first.

3. Cold food and drinks

Gum makes the nerves in your gums more sensitive and exposed. So, food and drinks that are too cold can make the gums and roots of your teeth more painful and inflamed.

So, don't eat cold food and drinks first. Especially ice cream, ice cubes, frozen yogurt, ice lolly, and fruit ice. We recommend that you wait until your food and drink reaches room temperature before consumption.

4. Processed flour foods

Be careful with processed foods from flour. For example bread, biscuits and cakes. Food from flour is as dangerous as sweet foods and drinks. Even though it doesn't seem dangerous, flour contains starch which is easily attached to the gums and mouth. In the body, starch will turn into sugar. The sugar that sticks to the gums and teeth will further trigger inflammation.

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