4 Simple Ways to Teach Children to Care for Others

4 Simple Ways to Teach Children to Care for Others

4 Simple Ways to Teach Children to Care for Others


4 Simple Ways to Teach Children to Care for Others

Having care for others is something that every child must have. This should be taught by parents since children are still small. Because, a sense of caring and defensiveness are very important traits for child interaction, especially when he is an adult and starts community. So, how to teach children to care and tolerate others?

How to teach children to care and feel compassion with others

Many parents rarely teach and introduce caring to children since they were little. whereas, this is important to be nurtured from an early age. If not, your child will tend to pay attention to his own interests and have a high sense of ego.

Of course, this will make it difficult for him when he associates with his friends. In fact, this trait will be brought to maturity. No need to be confused to start, you can start teaching children about caring for others since he was 5-8 years old. Where do you start? You can do the following methods.

1. Convey messages in simple language

When a child enters that age, he will usually be more critical of his surroundings. It is not impossible, he will ask questions that you might not have thought before. For example, when he saw someone sleeping on the roadside. Now, when he asks, don't miss this opportunity to give a simple understanding and explanation.

Not answering or ignoring it, it will only make him think that 'sleeping on the roadside' is normal and there are no problems there. This makes you lose the opportunity to build a sense of care.

So, it's best to answer the question with a simple answer, like 'that person has no place to live and money'. Emphasize also to him, that he is very lucky to be able to sleep in the house. You can also say that there are friends out there who are out of luck, from this you can start building your child's compassion.

2. Give a real example

There isn't enough one example to make your child understand, you can give another case. For example, when there is news of natural disasters from an area, then highlight the refugees from the incident. Well, when the child sees this, you can tell him that he is again fortunate to have a better condition than the person who was hit by the disaster.

Next, you can start 'fishing' for empathy by asking what he should do if he sees something like that. Direct him to give help and help.

3. Time to act with your little one

The next step, you can invite your child to take real action. For example, to help victims of natural disasters, you can invite them to collect toys that are not used to donate. This time, let him choose and arrange which items he must collect for those friends who are in distress.

Or, you can also invite him to help people he previously saw sleeping on the roadside. Also invite your child to collect various items that should be given to the person.

4. Don't get tired when the child keeps asking

In growing and teaching children to care for others, of course there will be many questions that will be asked. This is of course due to the fact that he does not yet understand the concept of 'disadvantage' that his friends feel. So, don't be surprised if he hunts you down with lots of questions and you should answer all your little questions so that his empathy grows.

Some questions that he might ask such as, what will happen to his unlucky friend or why it can happen to him, even he could ask if that could happen to you and your family.

Answering these questions wisely is your great opportunity to teach children about caring for others. Therefore, don't be tired to answer all the questions.

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