4 Reasons Why Normal Childbirth is Better than Caesar

4 Reasons Why Normal Childbirth is Better than Caesar

4 Reasons Why Normal Childbirth is Better than Caesar


Approaching the last weeks of pregnancy, of course you will think of what method of birth you will choose. You are faced with two choices: normal delivery or caesarean delivery? For those of you who have a healthy pregnancy or are not at risk, you are strongly advised to give birth in a normal way. This natural way of giving birth has more benefits than caesarean delivery. Want to know what are the advantages of giving birth normally? See the explanation below.

1. Normal recovery time is shorter

Many people think that giving birth in a normal way is more painful than caesarean delivery. It might be true, but if you know how to give birth normally well maybe the pain will be slightly reduced. And again, the pain during normal delivery will not last long. Mothers who give birth normally are usually allowed to go home after two days after giving birth.

Different from caesarean section which takes longer until the body's condition is fully recovered. Mothers who give birth to caesarean will stay longer in hospital because they need special care. Not only that, the recovery of the body condition of the mother at home after caesarean section also requires a long time, approximately up to two months.

2. Mothers can immediately hold and start breastfeeding their babies

Normal childbirth is a natural way that follows the instincts of the mother's body to give birth. In contrast to caesarean delivery which requires the help of drugs or anesthesia to give birth to a baby. Drugs given during the caesarean delivery process can still affect the body of the mother after giving birth. At present, the mother may feel dizzy, nauseous, and not ready to breastfeed her baby.

The effect of this drug will certainly not occur in mothers who give birth normally. Thus, mothers who give birth normally will be better able to hold and breastfeed their babies immediately after giving birth. Babies who are not affected by the drug during childbirth also tend to be more active and alert, so it is easier to breastfeed.

3. The risk of complications during childbirth is smaller

During a normal delivery, you may experience a torn vagina and need stitching. You can also experience urinary incontinence after childbirth, which makes it difficult for you to control urine discharge. However, this is nothing compared to the risk of complications that you can receive during a caesarean delivery.

Risks, such as serious bleeding, formation of scar tissue, and infection will be greater when you have a caesarean section. In addition, the risk of injury to the intestine and bladder is also greater during caesarean section. According to a study conducted in France, mothers who gave birth to caesarean section were also three times more likely to die compared to mothers who gave birth normally. This death can be caused by blood clots, infections, and complications from anesthesia.

4. Does not limit you in giving birth

Normal childbirth will not limit you how many times you have to give birth. Meanwhile, caesarean delivery is usually limited to a maximum of three times. In addition, if you have a caesarean birth, then the next birth is more likely for caesarean section. And, you will have a greater risk of complications from pregnancy and placental problems in your next pregnancy. The risk of placental problems will continue to increase every woman having a caesarean birth.

The experience of normal childbirth is definitely not forgotten (even though you have done it many times) and makes you feel more satisfied after giving birth. This experience will certainly not be replaced.

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