4 Myths and Facts About Postpartum: Which Is Right?

4 Myths and Facts About Postpartum: Which Is Right?

4 Myths and Facts About Postpartum: Which Is Right?


Postpartum period is moments experienced by the mother after giving birth. Finally, after going through a long pregnancy process, then giving birth to full body and soul, mother and baby can enjoy these happy times. Unfortunately, in this happy time many women are trapped by various kinds of myths during childbirth. Postpartum is often said to be the "seclusion" period for new mothers. Anything, what is the correct and true myth of puerperium? Let's look at the reviews below.

Revealing the myths about the puerperium period that are still widely trusted

Many say that before 40 days a woman's birth can not go out of the house. He said this was tradition after giving birth and entering the postpartum period. However, to what extent is the truth? Do these things have certain medical reasons or just a myth that has been passed down through generations? This is the answer.

1. Is it true that during the puerperium it was not allowed to leave the house before 40 days?

Not true. The postpartum period usually lasts approximately 40 days. Well, during that time the mother is also expected to be able to move or move normally again gradually. Because, there may be some activities that some mothers leave during pregnancy.

So please move again, inside or outside the house. Starting from small things such as walking in the morning while drying the baby, talking with neighbors, and other things that make the body move active and exposed to sunlight.

1. Is it true that you can't eat fish, eggs and meat?

Eating fish, eggs and various kinds of meat is believed to be able to make stitches after giving birth by caesarean section or normal to continue to wet. The stitches that are said to be hard-to-dry are said to make it difficult for mothers to move. Is that right?

In fact, eating fish, eggs and meat can be eaten after giving birth. These three foods are actually protein-rich food sources. Proteins play an important role in forming new cells in the body. Then, this new cell will speed up the healing process of the mother's sewing wound after giving birth. So, this myth or prohibition is not true. Please eat protein-rich foods during the puerperium to speed up the healing process.

3. Can you have sex during the puerperium?

You are not recommended to have sex immediately after giving birth. Actually during the puerperium, the mother's uterus will bleed and discharge from pregnancy and childbirth. The puerperal fluid contains several ingredients, including white blood cells, flora, and several dead cells in the body. When forced to have sexual relations, this can make the mother and her partner at risk of infection due to puerperal fluid.

In addition, stitches in the vagina or in the abdomen during childbirth have not healed properly. It is feared that during sex this can make the mother feel sick or even make the stitches become more infected.

4. Is it true that you don't have to use stagen all the time during puerperium?

Some people recommend using a special stagen or corset after giving birth so that the mother's stomach remains slim, not sagging. Unfortunately, doctors and medical experts do not recommend this. This is only embraced by the system of traditions and culture of each.

Whether or not this myth is right back to your needs and conditions. Please also note, after giving birth to the abdominal wall and the muscles will return to their original shape. So mothers don't need to worry. Just balance the food that is consumed during the puerperium, provided that it does not contain excess fat. Do not forget to try also to re-start the exercise slowly so that the body shape is maintained.

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