4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals


4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

Breaking fast is definitely the time you have been waiting for after a few hours of not eating and drinking. Even if you feel hungry, you cannot eat any food, because the food you eat must be well-nourished. These foods will replenish your daily nutrition which was previously only obtained during sahur. The type of food you choose should be rich in vitamins and minerals. Then, what are the menus for breaking fast that have high vitamins and minerals?

What exactly does the body need when breaking the fast?

You only have a relatively short time every day to meet your nutritional needs during fasting. So, the quality of food chosen must be as complete as possible, including when breaking the fast.

Reported on the British Nutrition Foundation's website, when breaking the fast, what the body needs is:

  • Lots of fluids
  • Low-fat foods or drinks
  • Foods or drinks that contain natural sugars as a substitute for lost body energy.

Well, those three basic things that are needed by the body when breaking fast. But in addition to these three things, which is no less important is the fast-breaking menu that is rich in vitamins and minerals so that it can help increase immunity when fasting.

Several types of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin C and zinc, are water soluble so the amount will decrease if the body fluid level decreases. Well, when you fast, of course body fluid levels tend to decrease. This can make the body deficient in vitamins and minerals.

Even though, as reported in The Journal of International Medical Research, vitamin C with zinc is a combination of vitamins and minerals that are very important for immunity.

So, in order not to get sick easily when fasting you have to fulfill all your vitamin and mineral needs, especially vitamin C and zinc. The need for vitamin C in one day for adult women is 75 milligrams and for adult men as much as 90 milligrams. While zinc is needed as much as 13 milligrams per day for men and 10 milligrams for women.

Fasting menu that is rich in complete vitamins and minerals for the body

When breaking and before praying, there are various practical offerings that can be healthy appetizers for the body.

1. Fruit juice

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

Juice is a practical dish for breaking the fast. Not only does it meet water needs, juices also provide natural sugars from fruits and contain various vitamins, including vitami C and zinc.

One of the juices that can get rid of thirst and restore energy quickly is avocado juice. Avocados are rich in vitamin C and zinc.

In one medium sized avocado contains 1.3 mg zinc for the body. Meanwhile, in 100 grams of avocados containing 13 mg of vitamin C. Besides fruit that has legitimate meat that contains good fat, fiber and vitamin E are quite high.

Not only avocados, other fruits such as strawberries, melons, tomatoes, etc. can also be chosen as fruit juices for your iftar meal.

2. Smoothies

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

Want to be more filling? You can choose a smoothie as a break fast menu. Like fruit juices that contain natural sugars, and also mineral vitamins, smoothies are equally healthy to break the fast.

The difference is that smoothies are drinks made from fruits or vegetables that are added with liquid milk or yogurt that is rich in protein.

Reported on the Healthline page, adding protein to food or drinks can increase your feeling of fullness faster, so that you can control your next meal so it doesn't overdo it. You too can be full longer after drinking smoothies.

Some smoothies recipes that you can make to break the fast are:

  • Avocado smoothies
  • Mango Smoothies
  • Banana and peanut smoothies
  • Beet and strawberry smoothies

You can also mix with various types of vegetables in smoothies. Of course, this iftar menu is very nutritious and has high levels of vitamins and minerals.

3. Fresh fruit

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

If you don't want to bother, you can serve fresh pieces of fruit to break the fast. No need for added sugar, the fruit is sweet enough and can help restore previously lost energy.

Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, fruits will also have high fiber so that it helps control satiety, so that you will not overeat after breaking the fast.

If you like, your fruit slices can also be used as a salad with a mixture of olive oil or mayonnaise. This fruit salad dressings can further add to the nutritional content of your iftar menu.

4. Various soups

4 Menu Break the Fast With Complete Vitamins and Minerals

If you've had sweets beforehand, you might want to eat savory foods. Well, if so try making soup as an iftar menu. Supplements that can help replace lost fluids and solid nutrients.

Make a complete soup of gravy made from natural chicken broth, vegetables rich in mineral vitamins and fiber, beans as a source of protein, to macaroni or potatoes as a source of energy needed. Examples of easy but nutrient-rich soup menus are chicken soup, vegetable soup, meat soup, and so on.

You can try all of these foods as a break-up menu so that you need enough vitamins and minerals. But sometimes because eating patterns change and eating time becomes narrower, you may not be able to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals from food alone.

For that, you can take supplements so that your nutritional needs are still met properly.

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