4 Causes of Harmless Breast Pain

4 Causes of Harmless Breast Pain

4 Causes of Harmless Breast Pain


From ordinary pain to chest piercing, breast pain can be painful in a variety of different ways, with different reasons. Pain may only be felt in some areas of the breast, to the entire surface of the breast or both, or spread to the armpit.

Breast pain, aka mastalgia, is a common condition among women. There are many other reasons behind breast pain.


For most women, a myriad of pain and piercing pain is a normal reaction to the ups and downs of hormones that are related to their menstrual cycle. This type of pain is commonly called cyclic pain.

"Pain is a common condition experienced during the menstrual cycle and PMS, when hormone production, such as estrogen and progesterone, increases," said Karthik Ghosh, MD, director of the breast clinic at Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota.

Hormonal changes cause the mammary glands to swell and trap fluid in the breast, making the shape and size of the breasts swell. The sensitivity of the breast will also be affected. Breast pain during menstruation will disappear on its own when menstruation stops

Exercising too hard

Maybe the pushup routine or lifting your weight is too hard to cause an uncomfortable sensation in the breast similar to breast pain. Actually, the discomfort comes from the pectoral muscle beneath the interested breast. These muscles work stretching and loosening, as a source of the soft texture that you experience when you feel pain. To overcome this, attach hot patches and consume painkillers.

Pulls or lifts something heavy

For the same reason above, the pectoral muscle under your breast is working too hard when pulling or lifting heavy tools or sliding your home furniture. To overcome this, attach hot patches and consume painkillers.

Incorrect bra size

The wrong bra size can cause serious consequences for your breasts. If your daily bra is too tight or your bra cup is too small, the support wire might push your chest even more and cause breast pain. Vice versa, if your breasts don't get good support, aka a loose bra, gravity will take effect while you walk, causing your breasts to soar up and down, causing the pectoral muscles to be interested too.

Especially for those of you who have large breasts, it is very important to get the right support when exercising to keep your breasts in place so that they do not risk attracting pectoral muscle tissue. A recent study found that one in three marathon runners complained of experiencing breast pain. To relieve this pain, choose a sports bra that fits your breast size. When trying, do a few small jumps or run in place and make sure no part of your breasts are sagging down or sticking out, aka it doesn't fit in a bra.

If you experience breast pain that is concentrated in only one area and is consistent over a long period of time, and the pain level does not change (does not improve or worsens), consult a doctor. The doctor can do a clinical examination and decide the next step whether a mammogram or biopsy is needed.


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