4 Benefits of Teaching Boys to Do Housework

4 Benefits of Teaching Boys to Do Housework

4 Benefits of Teaching Boys to Do Housework


4 Benefits of Teaching Boys to Do Housework

Who says cleaning is only the responsibility of girls? Housework like cleaning the house, mopping, sweeping, cleaning the windows of the house should also be done by boys. Remember, cleaning up the house actually has nothing to do with the sex of the child. In addition, boys will get a lot of benefits by doing various household chores. Anything, huh?

Benefits of teaching boys to clean the house

1. Teach children about sense of responsibility

You definitely want your child to be a responsible adult. However, if he refuses to take care of his toys and you leave them, or even you are cleaning up, you are actually teaching the child to easily give up responsibility.

Especially if he is already accustomed to assuming that there will be someone whether it's his mother or younger sister who will take care of the house. Even worse if your daughter has the presumption that this is indeed her duty, there is no reason for her to discuss this with her brother or younger brother.

The thing you might take for granted will be the innate character that he will carry until he grows up. Teaching your child to tidy up toys, beds, or a messy dining table makes him a person who understands responsibility and will not avoid assignments both large and small.

2. Helping children's achievement at school

Children who do housework, according to experts, show better performance in school. This can explain why more girls are achieving academically than boys. Doing housework at home can develop a sense of responsibility and work ethic early in the child.

If he can clean up the place, sleep, arrange his shoes on a shelf, take out garbage, or do household chores according to his age, then the child can also do his school work well and diligently. This can be related to the sense of responsibility and independence of the child.

Getting home is not an easy job, you know. When cleaning the house, the child will be faced with various challenges and problems that he must be able to solve. Therefore, clearing the house becomes a place to hone the logic of thinking and the ability to solve children's problems. That way, children will get used to facing problems at school.

3. Develop empathy and kindness for children

Although it looks simple, teaching boys to do housework has unexpected benefits, one of which is developing a sense of empathy and kindness in your child. How come?

If you are not taught some boys don't have sensitivity when they see their mother having a hard time doing homework. If you allow this habit to occur, it is not impossible that later he will mature, the little one does not have a sense of empathy to help other people or partners later.

They can only be a husband who can only shout and blame others because the food is too late to be served or see a pile of laundry without doing anything. If you don't want this to happen, start inside your house.

Initially it might be hard for your little one to do housework. No need to give him a hard task, give a light task such as putting up sheets or washing the dishes yourself after eating. Children will be used to helping you or your father doing housework.

4. Break gender stereotypes

Until now, gender stereotypes or the role of gender based roles are still very strong in society. Girls must do housework to be one of them.

Even when born, both girls and boys have no genetic code to determine who should wash the dishes and who should help lift heavy items.

So why is domestic work sometimes only borne by girls? Though boys can also help mothers or fathers at home. This can limit a child's ability to develop and solve problems, pursue dreams, and choose their way of life later.

Teaching your son to help clean up will make him understand that helping a parent or someone has nothing to do with gender.

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