4 Benefits of Eating Soursop When Pregnant

4 Benefits of Eating Soursop When Pregnant

4 Benefits of Eating Soursop When Pregnant


Soursop or whose Latin language is called annona muricata is one of the fruits that is quite popular in Indonesian society. This fruit comes from a Caribbean country in Central America. For those of you who are pregnant, you must have heard that soursop fruit is very prohibited for pregnant women because it will cause problems in labor. Is this true? Can you eat soursop during pregnancy?

Benefits of soursop while pregnant

Soursop fruit is usually consumed as a dessert. Soursop can also be processed into fresh fruit juice. For pregnant women, the benefits of soursop are quite a lot. Unlike the myth that has been developing, consuming soursop fruit in sufficient quantities during pregnancy is actually good for the health of the pregnancy. What are the benefits of soursop while pregnant? Here are 4 benefits.

1. Prevent nausea in early pregnancy

Soursop fruit has a sweet sour taste, very suitable for mothers who experience nausea early in their pregnancy. The sweet and sour taste can stimulate the production of saliva so that the nausea will disappear after drinking it. Aside from that, the sweet taste of soursop can also increase your appetite. For those who are usually lazy to eat at the beginning of pregnancy, drink juice from this fruit to return to taste.

2. Increases immunity

Vitamin C contained in ripe soursop fruit is very much. This can be used as an antioxidant in counteracting free radicals due to vehicle fumes or sunlight. For pregnant women who are used to outdoor activities, eating soursop fruit during pregnancy, at least once a week as a dessert can prevent canker sores and heat in.

3. Promotes digestive system

Problems with constipation or difficulty defecating can also be relieved naturally using soursop. Because soursop fruit contains fiber that can help facilitate the digestive system of pregnant women.

4. Stimulate ASI production

Just like katuk leaves, soursop fruit can also stimulate or stimulate milk production in pregnant women. If you want your baby to get colostrum from breast milk that comes out first, consume this fruit. Don't let your baby wait until your milk flow is smooth after labor. Prepare early with soursop while pregnant in the final trimester of pregnancy.

Consume this fruit in a balanced manner and don't overdo it. Excessive consumption in addition to causing diarrhea, can also increase blood sugar levels in your blood. Once a week it's enough for you to get the benefits.

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