3 Kinds of Tools to Sharpen Eyes that Are Less Cautious

3 Kinds of Tools to Sharpen Eyes that Are Less Cautious

3 Kinds of Tools to Sharpen Eyes that Are Less Cautious


In the medical world, poor vision problems are called low vision. This condition tends to occur frequently in patients with retinitis pigmentosa. WHO states that eye sight that is less alert is caused by damage to the stem cells, eye cells that play a role in seeing in dark conditions. Then, what should be done to sharpen vision if the eyes are not alert enough?

Various tools to sharpen low vision

Eye problems are less alert because low vision cannot be helped by using glasses or contact lenses, or by surgery. But if it continues to be allowed, this visual impairment can greatly inhibit daily activities.

Relax first. The various choices of vision stone tools below are proven to be able to sharpen the eyesight that is less alert.

1. Optical aids

Magnifying glass

The use of a magnifying glass helps to enlarge the writing and other visual objects that are being observed to make it easier to see.

There are various types of magnifying glass that you can choose based on your needs and comfort level. Generally, a magnifying glass that is connected directly to the table will be very helpful for those of you who like to read and not have a lot of outdoor activities. While a magnifying glass that is held by hand will be easier to carry around and can be used immediately when needed.


The telescope has a function similar to a magnifying glass, but can help see objects that are farther away. Currently there is a mini telescope that can be directly installed with glasses.

2. Non-optical tools

A tool that can sound

One example is a watch. There are currently several types of watches that can read the time printed when you press a particular button at that time.

Change font settings in personal electronic devices

Select an electronic device with larger buttons. Preferably, rearrange the type and size of the font on the electronic screen to make it bigger and easier to read. Also set a higher light contrast ratio.

Create a navigation path at home

To help navigate motion at home, for example, attach fabrics with different textures on each point of the route that you often go through. Or, you can also place a small, striking object as a unique benchmark for the location you frequently visit.

Use stationery with striking colors

If your eyes don't look well, you should get used to using stationery with striking colors and big ends. For example, like a black marker to write on white paper. This helps to make writing easier.

3. Electronic device

The video zoom tool has a camera that will be connected to the screen. You only need to bring the camera closer to the object you want to observe. Then the tool will help transfer the image to the screen so you can adjust the size of the image, color, level of description, and also the level of contrast in the image according to your comfort.

How to find out the right tool for me?

This type of optical aid such as a magnifying glass will be easy to find on the market. But you should still consult first about the condition of your eye health with an ophthalmologist. It may be that your eye problems are less alert. You need a magnifying glass with special zoom power.

Likewise with other low vision tools. Not all of them have the same ability so you need to consult with experts. The use of the right tools will make you able to do your daily activities well again.

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