10 Precise Tips For More Spiritual and Productive Work

10 Precise Tips For More Spiritual and Productive Work

10 Precise Tips For More Spiritual and Productive Work


10 Precise Tips For More Spiritual and Productive Work

Productivity is the key to success in the workplace. Business owners, managers, and executives all want to get the maximum tangible work from each of their employees.

On the other hand, employees are caught up in just that routine of work - going to work early in the morning, drowning in a pile of projects and meetings, then going home at midnight. The result? The work that we have loved feels tired. In the end, lack of productivity in the workplace causes your overall lack of happiness. What's more, if you don't work as hard and effectively as your colleagues, the future of your long-term work can be endangered.

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Psst ... Passion at work doesn't need to be a lifestyle. With 2016 coming to an end, now is the time to rise and start to open a new page for work to be more energetic and productive. Try these 10 tactics that will make you work more passionately and always happy at work.

Work is more energetic and productive, how do you do it?

1. Find out what makes you happy

Sense sounds, but believe this will work. No matter what you do or where you are, start happily from this moment on.

Start by looking for something to be grateful for; everyone has at least one small thing to be grateful for. Whether it's the strategic location of the office close to the delicious snack center, a cup of warm coffee made by the lady who always welcomes you in the morning, or even just a shadow of the mattress and warm pillows waiting for your return home.

2. Make the work desk as comfortable as your home

Because you spend so much time glued to your desk, if you want to work more passionately and be more productive, why not decorate your work desk in your style, for example by carrying a doll, desk display, a backup makeup bag , a frame containing a photo of a family member or lover, or maybe a favorite idol poster? That way, you can make yourself comfortable and relaxed in the office, just like at home. Of course it must be adjusted to company policy, yes!

Remember, a messy table is a sign of a messy mind. So, whatever your table decorations are, keep trying to be clean and orderly. The time you spend looking for important papers tucked somewhere every day is the actual extra time you can use to get your work done.

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3. Rest when you start feeling bored

After a quick coffee and breakfast, the morning is indeed the best time to shed all your energy and mind to work. As the clock hands shift slightly towards the afternoon ...

How come it feels like the eyes have started to get heavy, huh? To avoid being caught by the boss when he stole a nap, try to get up from the chair to roll or walk for a while; maybe to the pantry to fill drinking water, go to the toilet to wash your face, or go out of the building to find an afternoon snack. A brief break from work can really increase your productivity by pumping fresh blood flow flowing smoothly, allowing you to re-glare at work with fresh eyes.

4. Reduce multitasking

Although working closely related to multitasking, insisting on completing more than one task at a time can actually waste valuable time instead of being useful. Research has shown that people who try to do two or more activities at the same time actually become easily distracted, and the quality of their work is bad.

Focus on completing one task at a time before switching to the next project. Don't know where to start? Contek the pomodoro trick to help you focus more on your work.

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5. Avoid large portions of lunch

When starving, a large plate of nasi padang and a bowl of mixed ice seemed very tempting to faith. But make no mistake, a blind lunch like this will only fill your stomach with simple sugars that only provide high energy but for a while. The result, you will be increasingly sluggish and sleepy in the afternoon.

Conversely, for your portion of food in 4-5 times a healthy snack session is rich in protein, fiber, and antioxidants that will make you full and stay focused longer. For example, a cup of greek yogurt and granola bar before lunch, then a bowl of oatmeal with granola topping, fruit, and honey in the afternoon.

6. Rediscover the reason you are working actually

In 1983 Steve Jobs convinced Apple's future CEO John Sculley to leave his job at PepsiCo by asking one question: "Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling potent water or do you want to change the world?"

Why is this effective? In addition to flicking his curiosity and imagination, the question gave Scully a chance to do a job that meant something to him. This has also been supported by research from Wharton management professor Adam Grant, who has found that employees who know how their work has meaning and positive impact on other people not only feel happier than those who don't, but also are far more productive. p>

No matter how big the goal is - finding a cure for HIV /AIDS or laughing at your readers - when you engage in activities that mean something to you, you will work more passionately, be more inspired, satisfied, motivated , and happy.

7. Celebrate victory, however small

Every time you complete a task from a large daily list, the relief that you feel will encourage the brain to release dopamine chemical compounds that are responsible for a positive mood. Whether it's with a romantic dinner with a partner, buying a new gadget, enjoying a piece of candy, or taking the time to pamper yourself by going to the cinema or running out, the dopamine boost will give you more motivation to move forward and do more.

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When stuck in difficult times, try to remember past successes - no matter how much they are - to help increase the enthusiasm and confidence to continue your work. Your confidence in your own abilities is proven to reflect the real positive results of work in the workplace.

8. Smile

Remembering beautiful memories like the example above will also make you smile. Something as simple as smiling can increase your happiness at work because it tells the brain to be happier, thanks to the release of neuropeptide compounds. Smiling is also "contagious" so it makes colleagues around you smile and work more passionately.

9. Find friends at work

Christine Riordan stated in the Harvard Business Review that employees who have close friends at work report working more passionately. Their work also becomes more fun, enjoyable, useful and satisfying. In addition, having a group of friends at work can provide support, a sense of brotherhood and loyalty. Who, who doesn't want to have a karaoke hangout, celebrates the success of the project or simply releases stress?

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10. Perform an encouraging ritual before starting work

Do you prefer to start the day calmly, complete with a cup of warm coffee and a newspaper in hand? Or you are the type of person who will work more passionately accompanied by the booming rock music in the morning while recharging? Whatever it is, do something that can boost your spirits and positive mood in the morning before starting work. Research shows that when our body and mental are "dressed" to be happier before doing a task, we will work better.


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