10 Natural Ingredients for Removing Black Lips

10 Natural Ingredients for Removing Black Lips

10 Natural Ingredients for Removing Black Lips


10 Natural Ingredients for Removing Black Lips

Healthy lips are not supposed to be dark, especially black. Lips consist of only 3-5 cell layers, compared to facial skin that has up to 16 cell layers. Because it only has a few layers, the skin of the lips contains fewer melamine pigment producers, aka skin color. So usually the colors tend to be redder or brighter. If your lips start to darken, you will feel insecure, right? The following tips for removing black lips naturally are safe for your lips.

How to naturally remove black lips

Do you know why lips can look red? Lips have blood vessels, because the thin layer of the lips, the blood vessels can be seen. This is what causes lips to have red color. In addition, the lips also do not have sweat glands and oil glands. The absence of these two glands makes the lips very vulnerable to dryness and cracking. Here are natural ingredients to get rid of your black lips.

1. Cucumber

Cucumber slices are often used as natural ingredients to whiten dark circles around the eyes, but do you know that cucumber can also be used to whiten lips? Place the cucumber slices over the lips for five minutes every day.

2. Honey

You already know if honey has many benefits. Honey is a natural ingredient that is effective for moisturizing the lips. Cover the lips with honey before going to bed, and rinse with warm water in the morning.

3. Almond oil

Almond oil is the right ingredient to mix with honey to soften lips. Mix six drops of almond oil with one teaspoon of honey and use it when your lips feel dry.

3. Sugar

There are reasons why some lip care products use sugar as a basic ingredient. Sugar is effective for removing dead skin cells on the lips. You can make a paste mixture from a mixture of three tablespoons of sugar granule with two tablespoons of butter. Apply on lips once a week.

4. Lemon

Not only used to get rid of acne scars, lemon is one of the most effective ingredients to restore the natural color of your lips. Just squeeze lemon juice and use it on the lips before going to bed.

5. Red beet

Beet root or better known as this red bit contains natural red color that can make your lips look redder. The use is the same as lemon. You only need to squeeze the juice and use it on the lips.

6. Olive oil

Olive oil contains healthy minerals and vitamins. Olive oil works to give color while softening the lips. Mix one and a half teaspoons of sugar with a few drops of olive oil and massage when applied to the lips.

7. Pomegranate

You might know pomegranate pomegranates more. Crush the pomegranate seeds and take one tablespoon to mix with milk cream. Use it on the lips and massage for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do it once a day for maximum results.

8. Rose

Soak some rose petals in milk for one hour, making sure the proportions of rose petals and milk are not too different. Crush and add honey to make it thicker and use it for 15 minutes.

8. Raspberry

Raspberries or prambos contain minerals and vitamins to make your lips brighter. Mix raspberry with aloe vera or aloe vera and honey, stir until evenly distributed. Apply to the lips and massage until the lips feel soft. Rinse after using for 10 minutes.

10. Strawberry

You can make a natural lip balm using strawberry fruit. Mix one teaspoon of crushed strawberries with two teaspoons of petroleum jelly.

You can make your own natural ingredients at home. Do it regularly to get rid of your black lips. Stop bad habits that can cause lips to be black or dark.

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