10 Causes of Your Underarm Skin Blackening

10 Causes of Your Underarm Skin Blackening

10 Causes of Your Underarm Skin Blackening


Black armpits sometimes cause low self-esteem. Things that cause blackening of the armpit skin are sometimes not realized, even though we may do these causes. Unlike other skin on the body that is usually blackened due to scars or sunburn, the cause of black armpit skin is not the same.

What are the causes of black underarm skin?

1. Some deodorants and antiperspirants

Some people suggest that there are deodorants and antiperspirants that cause blackening of the armpit skin. In fact, when they stopped using the deodorant, there was a change in the color of their armpits. Although this is rare, there is a possibility that there are several compositions that cause blackening of the armpit skin.

2. Acanthonis nigricans

This is a health condition that can make the skin underarm, groin, neck, elbow, knees, knuckles, or folds of skin. Acanthonisigricans can occur in men and women, but this condition mostly occurs in people who are dark skinned and have obesity. This is related to the disruption of insulin production and glands that affect pre-diabetics, diabetes, or those who have the possibility of diabetes.

3. Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can make discoloration of the armpits, groin, groin, and blackened neck area. This happens when your skin produces melanin, although it usually quite rarely affects the armpit.

4. Bacterial infection

Erythrasma, a bacterial infection caused by corynebacterium minutissimum, causes reddish brown patches that are slightly bicicidal with firm boundaries. The patches feel a bit itchy and generally appear during warm weather. You will be more likely to suffer from this infection if you have excess weight or diabetes.

5. Pregnancy period

Some women experience blackened armpits when pregnant. This is caused by hormonal changes that can increase melanin production, especially estrogen which increases the production of melanocytes, cells that produce melanin. Blackened armpit during pregnancy is a seasonal problem that not only causes uneven skin tone, but also blackens the armpit, nose, and upper lip.

6. Tight clothes, lots of touch and friction

When the armpit swipes something, hyperkeratosis or thickened skin may occur as a means of preventing the body from friction irritation, namely post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

7. Shave

Shaving is a common cause of blackened armpits. Shaving cannot pull the armpit hair from its roots. Hair follicles remain visible under the armpit surface when shaving. Hair below the surface of the skin will make the skin look darker, similar to men shaving their faces.

8. Collection of dead skin cells

There are thousands of skin folds in the armpit known as "hills and valleys". Therefore, the armpit is usually seen inside. In addition, due to lack of care, underarm skin cells will dry, crack or die. Dead skin will look darker.

9. Smoker's melanosis

This is a condition caused by smoking tobacco. In this case, hyperpigmentation is caused by smoking. Black patches appear in the armpit area while smoking continues. When you stop smoking, these spots will disappear by themselves.

10. Hair shaving cream

Hair shaving cream tends to be used to gently remove unwanted hair. However, this cream also contains chemicals that can cause skin irritation and blacken the armpit.

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