Why Are Women More Emotional than Men After Sex?

Why Are Women More Emotional than Men After Sex?

Why Are Women More Emotional than Men After Sex?


This question has long been a debate, is it true that women are more emotional than men? For example, the influence of sex on male and female emotions. He said, women are better off after having sex, while men are more relaxed than women. Really like that?

Why are women more emotional than men?

Women tend to give more value to sex than men. So, it's no wonder that women are easy to baper after having sex. Why is that? Apparently there are biological reasons why women are more emotional than men.

During sex, the hormone oxytocin will be released both during sexual activity until orgasm in men and women. This hormone serves to increase trust in partners, make you feel more connected to each other, and can reduce stress. Well, oxytocin in a woman's and men's body has different portions and effects.

Although the hormone oxytocin is designed to make men and women bond to each other, the fact is that the presence of other hormones in the male and female body will make it all different. What's different?

Well, women have estrogen and men have testosterone. The female hormone estrogen when it encounters oxytocin, the effect will increase that emotional feeling, so it is more bound and calms the women. In contrast to men, when testosterone encounters oxytocin, the oxytocin hormone occurs which actually dims and does not increase. That's why the effect is that women will feel more emotionally connected than men, after sex.

The difference between men and women is also very clear when they receive sexual stimulation. Men can easily get an erection and then orgasm on their own when they see a woman's body without clothes or even minimal clothing. With this lust, he will definitely complete his sexual desire in the near future.

But if it's a woman? Women are creatures that are very difficult to understand. His sexual desire does not just exist and arise, and he does not necessarily have to complete it. When you feel like having sex, men will find a place and partner to do it, but women will find the right reasons to do it.

Then, is there a way for a woman not to be too emotional after having sex?

Certainly there is. For women, what needs to be reminded is that men and women are different. Women should not expect that the emotional turmoil that happens to them and their partners will be the same. Embed on your own mind, that "no baper" is one way for women to regulate their emotions. Remember, this emotional feeling can come from hormones, so there's no need to worry too much.

After that, everything returns again depending on each person's emotional feelings. Women will look for a man who is emotionally willing to be open to each other, and honest. Because, this can provide an emotional guarantee that the man will remain bound after sex.

This is what is important for men, it is important to convey honesty when they want to meet women. Clear communication is also needed from all sides, so that emotional inequality does not occur after the body is connected to each other.

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