Various Ways to Cover Erections While in Public Places

Various Ways to Cover Erections While in Public Places

Various Ways to Cover Erections While in Public Places


Sometimes your mind can't be controlled, causing your penis to erect. Or, maybe your penis is erecting itself for no apparent reason. This usually happens when you wake up. Penis erection may be a natural thing. But what if it happens in a public place? Maybe it will make you embarrassed and act in front of many people. But take it easy, below are things you can do to cover your erect penis in public.

Tricks cover the erect penis

1. Calm down and try to control your mind

Usually when you know that your penis is erect in public, the first time you do it might panic and try to cover the erect penis. But, what you have to do now is calm down and try to control your mind. Remember, your mind can be very strong and influential in controlling penis erections.

Turning sexual thoughts into a nonsexual mind. This is done to prevent you from being aroused further. Think about your work for example, or about a pile of your college assignments, or whatever.

2. Look for other activities

If your mind has not been successfully distracted, you can try to look for other activities that can change your mind. Don't just shut up, but walk. Or, you can sit while reading a book or listening to music for example, so that your mind is distracted. If there are friends beside you, try to invite your friends to talk and talk about things that can make you think (other than the topic of sex, of course).

3. Cover the erect penis with something

If your erection increases, you can cover the erect penis with something. You can cover your erect penis with something you are holding, such as books, newspapers, bags, groceries, or anything while walking. You can also cover it with your clothes that are loose and long. Or, you can put your hands in both pockets on the sides of your pants, so that your prominent penis is not very visible.

If you are sitting, you can also cover the erect penis by placing one of your legs on top of your other leg (crossing your legs). You can also cover your penis with a jacket or bag when you sit. Sitting is more likely to cover your erection than standing.

4. Using underwear that is not boxer

If you are accustomed to using boxers but you often get erections, you should switch to using underwear. Underpants are tighter so that you can hold your penis in more than boxers. This can better cover your penis that is prominent if you are having an erection in public.

5. Go to the toilet

If you are close to the toilet, you should go to the toilet. This method may be the safest way to cover your erect penis. When on the toilet, try to calm down until your penis returns to normal. However, do not suppress your erect penis. Pressing your penis will only add stimulation to your penis, so the erection will last longer.

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