Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases

Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases

Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases


Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases

Signing up for health insurance is ideally done when you are in a healthy condition, not when you have had a certain disease. However, if you have just applied for insurance when you have or have had a special disease, the procedure is quite different. Usually, this condition called pre-existing conditions can provide additional challenges in insurance applications. To minimize the process, there are various tips that can be done to register insurance with pre existing condition.

What is pre-existing condition?

Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases

In health insurance, it is known as a term called pre-existing condition. The pre-existing condition is a condition where you have been diagnosed or have a history of certain illnesses when you enroll in insurance. There are two conditions that are meant by pre-existing conditions, namely:.

Existing disease

This condition indicates that you already have a certain history of illness before becoming a health insurance participant.

The cause of the disease that is known or known

While the causes of the disease referred to in pre-existing conditions are factors that influence the emergence of a disease or symptoms that trigger a particular disease.

For example, you already have health problems with symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and cold sweat that refers to heart disease before becoming an insurance participant.

How do you register for health insurance if there are certain conditions?

Tips for Submitting Insurance If You Have a History of Certain Diseases

If someone already has a certain health condition, usually the insurance company can still accept you as a customer with some conditions.

Generally this requirement is slightly different, for example, adding the amount of premium paid until the pre-existing condition costs are not borne if it reappears at any time.

The insurance company will set a waiting period before the protection takes effect. So that replacement claims will only be given after the waiting period ends.

To facilitate the insurance application process when you have a history of certain diseases, there are a number of things you can do, namely:

Collect data from several insurance companies

If you have or have had a particular serious illness, it will be difficult to apply for health insurance. Because, not all health insurance can accept your health condition.

Therefore, you need to collect various data from many insurance companies regarding the facilities that you can get plus various related procedures.

Look for an insurance company that can provide you with great benefits with your current health condition.

Deliver information honestly

One of the main requirements in registering health insurance is data honesty. The reason is, if you submit and write incorrect data, the insurance party has the right to cancel the claim from the policy holder.

If so, you can lose because insurance cannot return the premium that you paid to the insurance company.

Be open when talking to insurance agents. Believe that he will help you to help propose the required insurance according to your health problems.

Answer each question in detail. For example, date of diagnosis, treatment that has been done, medication, and lab results from previous examinations.

Also, make sure you always fill out the Life Insurance Application (SPAJ) or Health Insurance Application (SPAK) honestly. The point is to prevent you from claiming rejection problems later on.

Follow the medical check-up procedure

Only because you are worried that the insurance company will refuse the submission, don't let you miss the medical check-up procedure. With a comprehensive health test, the company can know for sure your health condition.

If your health condition is known with certainty and detail, the company can adjust the policy and design of the costs you need to pay. Conversely, the less information about your health, the more costs will be charged to offset future health risks.

If you have found a suitable and trusted insurance company, follow the various terms and conditions provided. Be sure to understand it well and don't hesitate to ask if there are things you don't understand.

This is done to prevent misunderstandings that will harm you later.

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