This Unique Test Can Detect Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Early

This Unique Test Can Detect Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Early

This Unique Test Can Detect Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Early


Older people are prone to Parkinson's disease. This neurological disorder makes sufferers unable to move their limbs freely, stiffly, and eventually lose motor skills. Parkinson's is a disease that cannot be cured completely and can come suddenly. However, now maybe Parkinson's can be detected early. Because, recently, experts found a unique way to detect symptoms of Parkinson's early. How do you do that?

Smelling tests can help detect Parkinson's symptoms early on

This finding comes from a study conducted by researchers from Michigan State University, which states that olfactory tests can detect symptoms of Parkinson's early, even 10 years before finally this disease can be diagnosed.

This study involved 2,462 elderly people who on average were 75 years old. Then, they were asked to smell various ingredients in front of them such as cinnamon, onions, and soap. Next, they were told to guess the various scents. From this experiment, the study participants were divided into three groups, namely the elderly group with poor olfactory ability, good ability, and very good.

A few years later, experts found that most of the group of older people with poor olfactory abilities were diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Therefore, the experts conclude that the group of elderly who have poor olfactory ability is at a risk five times higher for this neurological disorder than the elderly who have good olfactory abilities.

Parkinson's disease actually results from damage to the nervous system which makes it difficult for a person to control his body's movements, balance and coordination. Therefore, the experts concluded that a decrease in the ability of one of the body's senses, in this case olfactory, could be an early sign of Parkinson's symptoms.

This Unique Test Can Detect Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease Early

Other early signs of Parkinson's disease that you should know

In addition to decreasing olfactory ability, there are several symptoms that indicate that a person has Parkinson's, namely:

1. Tremor

The tremor makes the hands, feet, and some other parts of the body always vibrate. This occurs due to initial damage to the central nervous system. The symptoms of Parkinson's are very common, only one in five Parkinson patients do not experience these initial symptoms.

2. The handwriting style changes

Maybe you will realize that your writing style will change. Yes, this can happen because you are starting to experience difficulty in body coordination.

3. Having sleep problems

The initial sign of other Parkinson's disease is sudden delirium and movement in sleep, such as kicking or doing a hitting motion.

4. The method also changes

Parkinson's causes your brain to have difficulty controlling movement, including movements when you walk. So, if you feel the style of road starts to change, you should immediately see a doctor.

5. The volume is reduced

Do your closest family or people often ask you to strengthen your voice so that you can be heard? Though maybe at that time you have talked with a loud volume, but still not heard by them. This means that your volume is smaller and can be an early symptom of Parkinson's.

If one or more of these symptoms happens to you, you should immediately see a doctor.

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