This is the Right Way to Wake Up a Sleeping Person

This is the Right Way to Wake Up a Sleeping Person

This is the Right Way to Wake Up a Sleeping Person


This is the Right Way to Wake Up a Sleeping Person

Sleeping while walking or doing something is one of the most intriguing phenomena. Because the person who sleeps goes unaware of what he is doing and sometimes the person does strange and unexpected things while sleeping. People who sleep walk also usually won't remember anything after waking up the next day. However, sleep walking can be a serious problem. In some cases, people can sleep while turning on a car engine, going out to the highway, or turning on the stove. So, if there is a member of your family who is experiencing sleepwalking, handle it immediately. However, there are still many who doubt whether waking people who sleep can be done. For that, consider the full review below.

The myth about sleep goes

You may have heard the myth that people who walk while not sleeping should not be awakened. The reasons also vary. Some believe that waking a person who sleeps will surprise him and can cause a heart attack or brain nerve damage. Some people also think that sleep conditions are caused by supernatural powers so they should not be disturbed. In fact, this is only a myth.

Sleep goes on because there is a part of your brain that has rested while the other part is still awake. Because it is not balanced, your brain is active enough to order body movements but not conscious enough to wake up fully. Usually this is caused by lack of sleep, consumption of alcohol, or a body that is less fit.

How to wake a sleeping person

When one of your family members sleeps walking, you should immediately go back to his bed to avoid the risk of danger. However, sometimes people who sleep walk will unconsciously refuse to be directed back to the room. Or in some cases, you have difficulty controlling the movements of people who sleep while the person is at risk of doing something dangerous. In these circumstances, experts recommend that you wake him up. Pay attention to safe ways to wake the sleeping person walking next.

Don't be forced to wake up

When a person sleeping is very difficult to control or wake up, do not shake his body or force him to wake up. The person is in a very deep sleep stage. If it is suddenly awakened, he will feel dizzy and experience disorientation. So, if you really can't wake up or lead him back to bed, you should make sure that you continue to monitor and keep the person from stepping on or nudging anything.

Take it to a relatively safe place

If you want to wake a person who sleeps while walking, as much as possible point first so that he is not in a dangerous place when he wakes up. Avoid stairs, slippery bathrooms, or furniture that is full of furniture. If he has walked to the outside of the house, lead back inside so that he is not too surprised when awakened.

Keep sharp objects around it

Before people who sleep walk awake, make sure there are no dangerous objects such as tableware or eating utensils around them. That way, when he awoke, he would not nudge something that would shock him and react aggressively. If the person who walks in his sleep has already grasped something, try to take it slowly before he wakes up.

Wake up loudly

Don't wake the person who sleeps walking by touching, shaking, or tapping him. If you do this, it is very likely that the person you wake up will reflexively attack or drive you unconsciously. This is because in his subconscious, he translates the actual situation experienced as a threat. Therefore, you should wake up sleeping people by making noisy noises. Start with a relatively small voice like calling his name or opening and closing the door quickly. You can also play voice tones from a smartphone. The longer, make sure the sound you make is getting louder so that people who sleep walk can gradually wake up.

Make sure your tone is calm

When you wake up people who sleep while walking, control your voice and reaction. Try to stay calm, don't look panic or scared. Imagine if you were in that person's position. He will be very confused when he finds himself suddenly outside his room with the sound of you frantically waking him up. So, you should use your tone of voice as usual.


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