The Best Way to Use Perfumes You Didn't Know

The Best Way to Use Perfumes You Didn't Know

The Best Way to Use Perfumes You Didn't Know


During this time, maybe using perfume is your simplest ritual in the morning or before traveling. Just spray and you will remain fragrant and fresh all day long. However, it turns out that using perfume is not that easy. There are special tricks to make your perfume more fragile and durable. Collected from various sources, this is how to use the right perfume.

Where should I spray perfume?

So that the perfume you buy isn't sprayed in vain, there are some important points in your body that you can't miss. Apparently besides the wrist and neck, there are other parts that must be considered. Here is the explanation.

1. Wrist

You probably already know that spraying perfume on the pulse can make your perfume more fragile. This is because throughout the working day your active pulse will produce heat. This hot temperature will help spread the aroma of perfume. So, the pulse on the wrist is the right point to use perfume.

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2. Neck

Just like the wrist, your neck is also one of the centers of the body's arteries. So, spraying perfume on the neck can keep perfume longer. You can spray a little on the neck under the chin and on the collar bone.

3. Ears

Spray perfume on the back of the ear lobe and the top of the ear facing outward. These points are usually quite warm and moist so that the oil from perfume can last longer.

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4. Inside elbow

Remember when a nurse or doctor wanted to take your blood sample? Usually they will take blood from the inner elbow. This is because the area is indeed the center of the pulse. So, don't miss your elbows when spraying perfume.

5. Hair

Using perfume in your hair is indeed not common. However, hair turns out to absorb perfume well. Hair also moves more and is blown by the wind. The scent that sticks to the hair makes it easier to spread and smell other people. Do not spray perfume on the scalp because it can make hair dry. It's best to spray enough on the comb and trim the bottom of your hair with the comb.

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6. Clothes

The fibers of your clothes can also absorb the fragrance of perfume throughout the day. Even fragrance in clothes is more durable than on the skin. However, be careful with clothing from silk and other fine fabrics. Hard chemicals can damage the texture of your silk fabric.

Common mistakes when using perfume

Have you been using perfume so far? Or perhaps you still make four mistakes that are often done the following?

1. Spray perfume before using moisturizer

Immediately using perfume after taking a shower does sound fresh. However, perfume will not stick well on dry skin. So, apply your moisturizing lotion first before spraying perfume. Moist and oily skin will catch perfume more effectively.

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2. Rub perfume on the skin

This habit is not good. Rubbing both of your wrists or rubbing the surface of a skin that has been sprayed with perfume will not increase the ability of the skin to absorb the fragrance. Rub it will actually create excessive heat. As a result, perfume will evaporate faster and not last long.

3. Ignore allergy symptoms

Many people simply ignore the symptoms of allergies to the ingredients and aroma of perfume. Note that you sneeze, runny nose, dizziness, nausea, runny eyes, and itching after using perfume. It could be your perfume. Everyone's body is different, even though expensive perfumes are still at risk of triggering allergies.

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