Suddenly headaches after shampooing? What does it mean?

Suddenly headaches after shampooing? What does it mean?

Suddenly headaches after shampooing? What does it mean?


Shampooing should be refreshing. Even some people feel more relaxed after washing their hair. However, there are also some people who actually feel headaches after shampooing. This certainly makes you confused or anxious. In fact, this phenomenon is quite common in society. There are several reasons why shampooing actually makes you dizzy, migraine, or a headache. Check out the explanation below to find out the answer.

What are the headaches that appear after shampooing?

Everyone can show different symptoms of headaches. However, headaches generally appear 15 to 60 minutes after you shampoo without drying your hair. In some people, headaches may continue for hours afterwards. Some headaches only appear after shampooing with cold water, but there are also those who will still have a headache regardless of the temperature of the water when shampooing.

The headache that you feel may start from one side of the head, with an irresistible throbbing sensation. Then the pain can spread to the back of the eye or all parts of your head. In certain cases, you may also experience nausea.

What causes headaches after shampooing?

Health and nerve experts throughout the world are still learning how exactly shampooing causes headaches. Because, everyone can indeed have a different headache or migraine trigger, for no apparent reason. However, so far experts have concluded that the following two things can invite headaches after washing your hair.

1. Wet hair

A study in India in the Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology journal showed that some 14.5 percent of all study participants reported headaches or migraines after washing their hair. From the study, it was seen that the condition of moist hair is the cause of headaches.

Moist hair causes a sudden drop in temperature in the neck and head. Therefore, the brain has difficulty balancing its temperature. This is what triggers a headache attack after shampooing.

2. Fragrant shampoo

For people whose sense of smell is very sensitive, a scent that is too stingy can disturb the nerves of the brain. When you smell a strong fragrance, the parts of the brain that regulate pain are activated so that a great pain or migraine appears in your head.

3. Water temperature is too cold

Some people report that shampooing with warm water does not make a headache, while shampooing with cold water definitely makes the head and eyes hurt. When exposed to water with very cold temperatures, the brain thinks that the body is being attacked by hypothermia (frostbite). As a result, symptoms appear, namely dizziness, headache, or nausea.

Should I go to the doctor?

Usually headaches after shampooing do not require the handling of a doctor or certain medical personnel. However, if this condition often or almost always occurs to you after shampooing, contact your doctor.

If the headache that you feel is really unbearable or you vomit, immediately seek help in an emergency service or the nearest clinic.

Prevent and overcome headaches after shampooing

In a study in the journal Cephalalgia, published by the International Headache Society, taking migraine medication the doctor prescribes before shampooing is effective in preventing attacks of headaches. You should also immediately dry your hair with a towel or hair dryer so that the scalp is not too moist and cold.

If you are sensitive to the smell of stinging shampoo, try choosing a shampoo that does not contain chemicals and excessive fragrance. Baby shampoo can be a safe alternative to your sensitive nerves.

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