Secretly, Excessive Anxiety Can Damage Relationship

Secretly, Excessive Anxiety Can Damage Relationship

Secretly, Excessive Anxiety Can Damage Relationship


Secretly, Excessive Anxiety Can Damage Relationship

People with anxiety disorders (GAD or generalized anxiety disorder) tend to face difficult times during their lives. Because the heart and mind are always overwhelmed by anxiety so they feel uneasy. Even though everything in his mind is not necessarily true or will happen. This effect of excessive anxiety is not only for sufferers, but also for couples. So, how does excessive anxiety affect romance with a partner? Here's the explanation.

People who are filled with anxiety tend to depend on their partner

Some people with GAD feel they really need a partner or best friend. Because, they believe that the spouse and the people around him will give him support. For this reason, people with GAD can be very dependent or dependent on their partners.

However, the effects of excessive anxiety can cause suspicion or paranoia that is not right. For example, feeling suspicious when a partner does not respond to chat quickly, fearing the couple suddenly become unfaithful, and various other anxieties. In friendships, people with GAD might think that their best friend is talking about it behind.

People who experience excessive anxiety are also more prone to negative emotions. This unstable mood makes them often angry with their partners for no reason. So, do not be surprised if over time your partner feels disturbed and lowers his trust in you. As a result, your love relationship is threatened to falter.

If you are one of them, try to remind yourself that your suspicion is only limited to your thoughts. Take your time for a moment to consider the things that make you anxious and worried. Is it because of the effects of fatigue, workload, or a bad mood.

It doesn't hurt to ask the therapist for advice on cognitive and behavioral therapy. This therapy can help you reduce the effects of excessive anxiety that affect your partner. You and your partner can express each other's problems and decide the best course of action to overcome them.

On the other hand, they can even avoid their partners

Meanwhile, some people with GAD can be very independent and have a hobby of being alone. That is, they prefer to avoid others. This is allegedly because they are trying to control their negative emotions so as not to have an impact on others.

People with excessive anxiety can become more closed and rarely express their feelings. This actually made them seem less empathetic and cold to others.

If you are one of them, you may feel uncomfortable with intimacy in a romantic relationship. Or it can also be disbelieving about whatever the couple is saying or doing. Even when it is hit by problems, you may refrain from expressing your heart's content.

To overcome this, try to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal-emotional process therapy. Both of these therapies can help you explore past, present, and emotional relationships. The goal is so that you can find the cause of excessive anxiety and trust your partner's presence.

Secretly, Excessive Anxiety Can Damage Relationship

Tips to overcome the effects of excessive anxiety to maintain a harmonious relationship

In stressful or uncertain situations, anxiety is natural. However, for people who have GAD or anxiety disorders, you need the help of others to control anxiety. For example a therapist or mental health specialist (psychiatrist).

Medications that may be prescribed to help calm your anxiety include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRI). The calm effects of these drugs can help you think more clearly and more stable.

The most important thing is support from your family and closest people, especially your own partner. People who experience excessive anxiety need motivation from their partners. Do these tips with your partner so that you more easily reduce the effects of excessive anxiety, including:

1. Find the cause of anxiety

Anxiety can be caused by past experience, future predictions, or current concerns. Well, try to find the cause of your anxiety. For example, what you want or need from your current partner and what kind of solution you and your partner want.

2. Practice listening

This method can help you improve passive or aggressive communication patterns in your relationship so far. Communicate and talk from heart to heart so that you and your partner share the problems they are experiencing.

3. Just think positive things

When overwhelmed by worries, you become very easy to ignore the positive things around you. Therefore, try to present positive thoughts to your partner by trusting him wholeheartedly.

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